1. M

    SOLVED Installation on centos 7 problem

    hi i am going to install on centos 7 64bit and all the installation requirement have been done. such as disable firewall , selinux,... but on installation i get this error : 2017-08-01 17:31:03 796 (DEBUG): - ssystem [BEGIN]: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/checkyum --nokernel --noperl open3: exec...
  2. P

    New Install Failing

    Two new builds built on CentOS 7 in Digitalocean plenty of memory ram etc cant even get the login screen up "This site can’t be reached" / ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in browser. Anyone else having issues?
  3. A

    cPanel Installation Error

    Hello All, I am trying to installing cpanel but when installation start i am getting IPv6 Error and i don't want to use IPv6 as i have only IPv4. How can i resolve this issue ? Below you will find the error. The installer was unable to verify that your kernel supports IPv6. The message...
  4. M

    Fresh centOS 7 64 bits + cPanel: no mysql option?

    Hi, One of datacenters I have servers say it's impossible use MySQL on a fresh install of CentOS 7 64 bits + cPanel, because NOW only MariaDB is allowed. I have more than 10 servers with CentOS 7 64 bits and cPanel running MySQL, but they insist for new install is no more possible have MySQL...
  5. Z

    Set hostname before or after installation?

    Hello, I see manny video tutorials where the administrator set the hostname before Cpanel/WHM installation, is this the correct way? Or is this ok when i set it up durring the installation? Thank you.
  6. D

    Do I need to setup a new server from scratch?

    Hi, I'm thinking that I must've been doing something wrong. I've setup a few new WHM/cPanel servers since I was hired by a hosting company last year, but all of them has been setup and configured from scratch. Does everything really need to be setup from scratch every time a new server is going...
  7. X

    SOLVED The installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel & WHM

    Here are the troubleshooting steps: It looks like cPanel has one way to install WHM, and it's to use this command they have on their site: cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest [[email protected]************ home]# md5sum ./latest...
  8. A

    cPanel error with installation

    Hello members of the cPanel forum. Today I come to you seeking help on setting up cPanel on my Dedicated server. I need cPanel because through this dedicated server I will be using it for a website and to host my game server. When I go through the steps to set up cPanel on CentOS I get an...
  9. L

    SOLVED cPanel fresh install stuck

    Hello, i have installed cPanel lots of times, but i today in a new and fresh vps server with centOS 7, the installation is stuck at -11 17:38:40 219 (DEBUG): Starting filelimits (via systemctl): [ OK ] 2017-04-11 17:38:40 219 (DEBUG): *** Done legacy_cfg_installer *** 2017-04-11...
  10. J

    do_validate is not defined

    Hey everyone, New guy, be nice. Was debating on moving from the disappointment that is Vesta, and I was completely prepared for the pain that migrating will be. But it seems the CPanel Install is already stumping me, and my server. Once going into the very empty looking blank install pages...
  11. S

    Install cPanel to old server

    hi i have a very old server with pentium 4 CPU (i386 only). But cpanel latest can be installed only to x86_64. Can i install any older version of cpanel that supports i386 OS? I need to restore few accounts on this server asap.
  12. U

    SOLVED cPanel installation question

    Hi, I need to install whm cpanel and keep all the content on separate disk. web root / log files etc.. Because if need to update cpanel or when proceed maintenance it should be installed another new cpanel server and attache data disk that running on current server. How this is fulfill. Thanks,
  13. M

    Issue with installing cPanel locally

    Hello. I am new here, and I am having an issue installing cPanel and WHM on my server. I keep getting the following error: (FATAL): The installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel & WHM. Verify that your network can connect to and rerun the installer. I have...
  14. P

    Fresh install on CloudLinux 7.3 and latest cPanel

    First off, I have a lot of experience with Ubuntu/Lunix and have managed systems manually for many years. Generally, I know my way around linux and configuration etc. I'm looking at setting up a new virtual server and deploying CloudLinux with cPanel so clients can manage their websites...
  15. 007basaran

    SOLVED SSH Refusing after CSF Installation.

    Hello All, I installed csf firewall on cpanel. after csf installing ssh connection not working. I modified ssh port exclusively = xxx Adding my ssh port firewall services. Example: XXX my ssh port. MY CONFİG FİLES : TCP_IN = XXX TCP_OUT = XXX AFTER; iptables -I INPUT -p udp --dport...
  16. J

    Installation not completing properly

    hi installation is still not finish after few hours does this mean it's not successful? here's the log [2017-02-28 17:17:59 +0100] ---> Package ghostscript-fonts.noarch 0:5.50-23.2. el6 will be installed [2017-02-28 17:17:59 +0100] ---> Package...
  17. T

    charset new WHM installation

    Hi all, I just got new server with fresh WHM installation. I've ran the transfer tool to migrate the accounts from the old server. I also have included the server configurations. In the new server, I see some websites with charset issue. However, the same website in the old server works...
  18. M

    SOLVED line 372: ./bootstrap: Permission denied

    Hi friends. I'm trying to install Cpanel in a Cloud Server and I got this error when I ran the file latest. I'm confused, 'cause I already installed Cpanel & WHM in a virtual machine and I did not have this kind of trouble before. Follow my system configuration: Hardware: Cloud (16 vCPUs)...
  19. F

    New Installation Can't access WebHost Manager

    Hello, I looked around for questions similar to this but didn't see any after a few minutes. I have just installed the latest version of cP on a Centos 7 server on an instance with Dream Host "Dream Compute" account. I opened the ports to https and http for whm and i set selinux to passive...
  20. E

    SOLVED Reset WHM config & remove accounts

    My current WHM account has like 6 cPanel accounts, a lot of bad configuration, wrong DNS entries and - most important - the main domain will be sold soon. I'd like to clean reset the WHM/cPanel and start again with the Wizard that lets me decide for the hostname , mail and for the main...