1. F

    New Installation Can't access WebHost Manager

    Hello, I looked around for questions similar to this but didn't see any after a few minutes. I have just installed the latest version of cP on a Centos 7 server on an instance with Dream Host "Dream Compute" account. I opened the ports to https and http for whm and i set selinux to passive...
  2. E

    SOLVED Reset WHM config & remove accounts

    My current WHM account has like 6 cPanel accounts, a lot of bad configuration, wrong DNS entries and - most important - the main domain will be sold soon. I'd like to clean reset the WHM/cPanel and start again with the Wizard that lets me decide for the hostname , mail and for the main...
  3. Osama Tariq

    Error while installing cPanel

    Below is the error while installing cpanel on docker:
  4. D

    SOLVED Installing cPanel Issue

    Hi all, just launched a cloud server from under centos 7 and cannot figure out to install cpanel, I got this error: 2016-12-09 11:25:14 672 (DEBUG): Cleaning up everything 2016-12-09 11:25:14 672 (DEBUG): Cleaning up list of fastest mirrors 2016-12-09 11:25:14 672 (DEBUG)...
  5. A

    SOLVED Internet access lost after cPanel installation

    Hello. I installed centos 7 and then installed cpanel + whm. I had internet connection in the server, accessed it through ssh and installed the software. After installation, I was able to access whm and login, to finish configuring the installed system. After configuration, WHM requested a...
  6. A

    Softaculous Plugin Installation

    Dear All, Now i'm running WHM 60.0 (build 24) version and i'd like to add softaqulous pluggin. Is it need to reboot the server after installation finished ? Thanks for your anwer. Warm Regards, Anwar Budiyarto
  7. B

    cPanel installation Issue

    I am getting similar error, I have turned off firewall but, still I can not install Cpanel. [2016-11-07 14:51:35 +0430] Removing staged files and directories for binaries/linux-c7-x86_64 Can't exec "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/cpanel_initial_install": No such file or directory at...
  8. Y

    Installing cpanel with Mysql 5.5

    I need my server to have Mysql 5.5 but when I install Cpanel it already comes as default Mysql 5.6 how do I install 5.5? I was reading tutorial that commands to edit some files, but how will I edit the file if I did not install the cpanel and when I install and go straight with Mysql 5.6 ????
  9. J

    Fatal Error During cPanel Install - AWS

    So I keep getting this error when I try to run the cPanel installer. I have does a few good hours of troubleshooting and research on the internet and since I still have not come up with anything I have decided to make a post on the cPanel forums. I appreciate any help with this problem. (The...
  10. A

    dedicated optimized cpanel on a vps

    It it possible to have cpanel installed on a vps and not have it optimized for a vps but keep it consuming as much resources as it is needed, in order to give optimal performance? I will be using a "cpanel accelerated" license, not a "vps optimized" one.
  11. manimal

    Problems installing cPanel

    I am installing on Red Hat 7.2 I have done 5 installs tried it on 7.0 7.1 7.2 redhat with same results. I have my network configure right have access to repos. [2016-10-29 15:30:58 -0400] E The install encountered an error: Cannot proceed. Needed system RPMs were not installed. 2016-10-29...
  12. I

    Install cPanel on Aliyun?

    Hello cPanel Staff and Others, My question is, could cPanel support Aliyun Cloud that is like amazon for China only ? Please answer, Thanks
  13. A

    Problem installing cPanel

    i am having installation issue and error can you pls help (FATAL) : The installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel and WHIN. Verify that your network can connect to and rrerun the installer. thanks
  14. F

    Install cPanel use existing MySQL or MariaDB, Apache etc.

    Hi, Is there a way that I can install cPanel use existing MySQL or MariaDB, Apache etc. installed on my server? Thanks in advance. Regards, Fpalero
  15. S

    Cpanel Installation DNS Error

    Hello there I just buyed a Cent Os vps with Cpanel pre installed and when I fill the form I always submit as hostname and when I receive a mail saying that the Cpanel installation is completed I go to my IP address to WHM installation and enter all my details also of the DNS After...
  16. E

    Cannot login from console

    After installing cpanel unable to login from root on console. ssh via putty works fine, whm web login works fine. Just unable from hyper-v virtual console. CentOS 6.8 [Removed Full Output] Failed password for root from port 1234 ssh2
  17. durangod

    I need to try to find a picture of the last install screen before its done.

    Hi, i need to try to find a picture of the last install screen before it finishes. Its the one where the first option is like php-fm and then it asks you if you want public html or not. I was reading the page and out of nowhere (like it timed out) it took off and loaded the WHM menu when i was...
  18. 000

    SOLVED ImageMagick installation

    ever I have this output: root@server [~]# /scripts/installimagemagick -bash: /scripts/installimagemagick: No such file or directory root@server [~]# Why ?
  19. Y

    cPanel install error

    嗨comunity, 我的服務器硬盤損壞。於是我重新安裝CentOS的7系統, 但是我有我的cPanel安裝一個一點改進中的CentOS 7. 我安裝的cPanel告訴我下面的錯誤: 2016年9月18日23時07分06秒686(INFO):安裝Perl的開發包從而使系統的Perl可以從CPAN安裝... 2016年9月18日23時07分06秒240(調試): -制度存在[開始]:在/ usr / bin中/百勝-y安裝perl-DEVEL的perl-CPAN perl-文件複製遞歸的Perl模塊,構建perl的核心與Perl的libwww-perl的的crontab...
  20. M

    Install cPanel without installing mail server

    We would like to install cPanel on new server but we don't want to use it for mail. We only need Apache and PHP. If Java comes with Easy Apache we like to install it as well, though we can install it separately as well. We are not experts in cPanel. Is there anything we need to know for this...