1. M

    Broken cPanel Installation

    Hello, First of all I wan to introduce myself. I am Ovidiu, I'm from Romania and I am the senior admin of a small hosting business. First of all I want to apologize if this issue was discussed/explained somewhere else. I am new here. :) Our web developer decided to leave us a few days ago...
  2. M

    Tomcat 7 manual installation

    Hi :), As Easyapache 4 doesn't support Tomcat 7, is there any way we can install Tomcat 7 manually ? If yes, will it work properly as it works with Easyapache 3 ? I want to use Tomcat for my jsp website. Please help. Thank you :)
  3. C

    Problem opening cPanel after installation

    I install new system and return blank page after instalation error log [03-Sep-2016 14:10:36 America/Sao_Paulo] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/lib64/php/modules/' -...
  4. E

    Fatal Error: Fail to install cPanel with installation script

    I'm trying to install the trial and I keep getting the same errors. I have a fresh CentOS 7 Minimal install. Here's the log I am seeing: ge python-dns-1.12.0-1.20150617git465785f.el7.noarch [2016-09-02 17:55:59 +0800] file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/dns/rdtypes/mxbase.pyc from install...
  5. M

    Change runlevel 5 to 3 for cPanel Installation

    Hello, I am trying to install cPanel on a RHEL 7.3 guest and Windows 10 as host. After running the code to install (cd etc...) I enter my hostname and domain name and it continues installing. Then, I get an error saying to "switch runlevel from 5 to 3." Running "init 3" freezes my VM. I tried...
  6. S

    cPanel on IIS

    Hello, I am sorry if this post is irrelevant. Is there any way to configure cPanel on IIS. I am running IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008, it is on a localhost, I wanted to have cPanel installed there only for test purposes. If it is not possible, is there any other way to have cPanel on Windows...
  7. T

    ImageMagick installation on actual cPanel-server

    Hello, I tried to install imagemagick on my cpanel server because I need it for image manipulation with type 3. I ran the following scrips: /scripts/installimagemagick At the end of the installation I get the following error-messages (I will shorten them because they repeat): 1. Warning...
  8. P

    Installation Failure

    wich were the solution? I`m present the same error and I need support for resolv.
  9. P

    Problem installing cPanel

    Hi comunity, I have a problen with my installation cPanel in CentOS 7. First, the next menssage in the moment of insstallation: (FATAL) : The installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel and WHIN. Verify that your network can connect to and rrerun the installer...
  10. S

    DNS Only system requirements

    We have a couple of very old DNS-only VPSs that are running CentOS 5. These need to be upgraded, probably to CentOS 7 to futureproof themselves. They only run BIND. They only have 512MB of RAM, but continue to hum along just fine. Can DNS-ONLY be installed on a CentOS 7 VPS with just 512MB...
  11. R

    Cpanel SSL Installation Error

    So whenever I try and install an SSL certificate (from any source) I get the following error: The user “system” does not exist. I have been trying for about 8 hours to install an SSL Certificate on my dedicated server and no luck. I have tried multiple Comodo Certs and a letsencrypt cert and...
  12. N

    Cannot access WHM after installation

    HI, This is my first attemt to install Cpanel. using centos 6.5 When I go to it tells me the web page can't be displayed. I checked the error_log and I posted the output of it on the attachment. Can anyone please help me get past this??? [root@server ~]# cat...
  13. D

    Problem installing cPanel & WHM

    Hello, I am new on this. I am trying to install cPanel in my CentOS 7 Server with the following command: cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest but what I get at the final is: open3: exec of /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/checkyum --nokernel --noperl...
  14. T

    New cPanel installation gets stuck

    I can't install cpanel a my new server : after running cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest it get stuck here : Any help ? thank you
  15. D

    Wordpress Installation Error

    Hello, We're using Installatron to setup new Wordpress installations via Cpanel. Lately, this installation has been failing. I looked in the error logs for cpanel and found this: "warn [Fileman::statfiles] Encountered error in Fileman::statfiles: The file “” is not...
  16. L

    cPanel Installation Error.

    Tried fresh install of cloudlinux and tried to get cpanel. This is what I got for an error. - Removed Please Attach Images to Your Posts -
  17. E

    Install cPanel on CentOS 7 Error

    any can help me.. thx
  18. icandoit

    can I install cpanel in cloud vps?

    I am going to buy a cloud vps with following spec 1 Gig memory and cpu is 3 core I will add more memory later Will that work on cloud vps? Is there any thing I need to be aware of?
  19. C

    Can I install cPanel to (production) server which is in use

    I have a production server with Apache, MySQL and PHP with only one customer currently. Can I install cPanel there without affecting customers data or uptime? I'll transfer that customer after installing cPanel if possible.
  20. Y

    Installing cPanel on internal SD card

    I am upgrading some of our older servers and the new servers have several internal SD card slots and USB ports (for flash drives). Is it OK to install the OS (CentOS) and cPanel on an SD card (or flash drive)? That leaves all the drives in the system purely for user data. I would definitely have...