1. kiopeed

    SOLVED Enable the intl extension for script?

    you are very welcome i need help for enable the intl i When installed script Adlinkfly Li shows this error You must enable the intl extension to use our script. Please ask your hosting company to enable it. How can I enable the intl from whm Thank you for providing help in advance
  2. Luciano Donato

    Versão do ICU

    Como atualizar a versão do ICU(intl), já fiz as atualizações pelo painel whm, mas continua com uma versão antiga do ICU. intl Internationalization support enabled version 1.1.0 ICU version 50.1.2 ICU Data version 50.1 Alguns softwares já estão reclamando desta versão. Meu Servidor: CENTOS...
  3. A

    Installing PHP INTL Extension

    Ok, so, first thread here, hope I'm not making any mistake about topic or something. Well I'm installing Humhub here at the server, and one thing that I can't solve for some reason is a php extension... My knowledge of server management is medium or advanced, I don't really know, but I tried a...