1. O

    iOS / iPhone Auto Config

    Hey guys, How do I setup automatic configuration to work with iOS/iPhones ? To be clear, I do not mean the downloadable configuration files. I mean to say, when a user goes through the 'Add Account' wizard on their phones, they get presented with a screen which asks for their Name, Email...
  2. F

    IMAP SSL error in iOS "stable connection to the server could not be established"

    Hello. After updates to v110 both 110.0.1 and 110.0.2 some iOS users reported getting errors while using IMAP/SMTP services over SSL. Error: "stable connection to the server could not be established". If they turned off using SSL, it works again as expected. My VPS OS: Centos7. The error was...
  3. E

    ios mail APN, guide is outdated

    Hi the guide found here Is outdated,macos server does not exists anymore. Anyone have a guide on how to create APN certificates for push notifications ?
  4. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-39993 - Manage Service SSL Certificates > iOS Push for Mail wrong hostname

    Use this interface to manage SSL certificates for services other than Apache. Daemons (cpsrvd, Dovecot, and Exim) iOS Mail Push Notifications (APNs) I had setup a new server with AlmaLinux 8.5 and cPanel a couple weeks ago. - first server was server1.hostname.tld -new server i named...
  5. L

    CalDAV verification fails on iOS only

    Hi all Hoping you can help solve this riddle. I can get CalDAV to work fine on two iMacs, but using the same server details and following cpanel's separate iOS instructions carefully, I can't get it to verify successfully on iOS for the same account. I've tried delete and repeat, restarted the...
  6. U

    IOS APP in the UK

    Could someone let me know how I get hold of the IOS app here in the uk. It seems it’s not available in the UK App Store which also seems a bit crazy seeing as there must be 1000s of UK based customers. Cheers UKD
  7. MajorLancelot

    iOS Mail Push Notifications Setup cPanel 70

    Since 64, we always configure this on our servers but usually, there don't use to be an existing certificate on that pane. On servers that were recently deployed, the "iOS Mail Push Notifications (APNs)" currently has a certificate with the server hostname installed so I'm wondering if this...
  8. R

    Does the cPanel iOS app use an SSL connection?

    I can't tell if the cPanel app is using an SSL port or not. I would presume yes, but since I cannot confirm, I am asking. Thanks for any info.
  9. R

    cPanel IOS app connection

    Hi all, I've searched and searched with no luck so have resorted to posting my first thread here. I am very sorry if it has come up somewhere... I have just discovered cPanels official IOS app (great news)... Downloaded and tried to setup my first account on there and I keep getting an error...
  10. A

    Apple iOS push port 2195

    i have problem with apple iOS push notification port 2195. i think it blocked because when i try to send push notification it give connection time out
  11. G

    iOS webmail/cpanel/whm login annoyance

    I'm finding it difficult to login on iOS9 on multiple different servers. If I login, it comes straight back to the login screen. The only way I can get it to work again is to close all safari windows and kill Safari. It's only been recently and iOS9 has been out for a while so I'm guessing...