1. Y

    Restricted access using Require ip

    I have been trying to use apache 2.4 directives for restricting access to my site to a particular IP with no luck so far. I am using following syntax in the pre_vhost_global file - <Directory /home/user/directory/subfolder> AllowOverride None Require all denied Require ip x.x.x.x </Directory>...
  2. P

    Blocking IPs fail

    I'm a hosting reseller on a dedicated server. The server was recently upgraded and now runs apache 2.4, CloudLinux and cpanel 68.0.33. Prior to the upgrade, blocking an IP via the IP Deny Manager would work. Now it doesn't. What IP's are entered are added to the .htaccess file but the IP still...
  3. T

    IP Blocker error

    I have inherited running a website for a school sports team and I am trying to remove a range that is blocked by IP blocker on Cpanel. But I keep getting an error message as follows. Failed to remove the IP restriction on “174.” because of the following error: DenyIp::deldenyip(174.) failed...
  4. C

    Security / IP Address Blocker

    Hi, when I add an IP address to block in my security / IP Address Blocker I thought this IP address was added to the .htaccess of the site in the form of Deny from xxx.xx.xx.xx Outside I do not see any additions in the htaccess. Is this due to the security of my .htaccess? Thanks.
  5. Buzz50

    Check if IP is blocked in cPanel

    Is there a way that I can test to see if the IP addresses that I am trying to block in cPanel 'IP Blocker' are actually being blocked? I ask this because I have some people joining my social site at example.com whose IP's I have supposedly previously blocked. My site is a Joomla site so the...
  6. E

    ip blocker

    I add an ip and I click on the Add button. Afterwards, when I return to the menu of ip blocker, I do not see the ip address listed. How can verify that the address has been added?
  7. M

    IP Address Deny Manager - broken

    Hi, whenever I access our cpanel server's IP Address Deny Manager page it states: "You have not blocked any IP addresses." This is all good and well except for the fact that I have added at least 10 IPs to the list that are actively being blocked. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks, -moO-