1. WebHostPro

    Is load a issue when hundreds of i.p.'s or blocked by iptables?

    We have a list of ABOUT 1000-2000 offending i.p.'s and was wondering if we blocked them from our main server through iptables if it will bring the load up. Thanks,
  2. C

    Does Cpanel overwrite iptables?

    I'm not a neophyte when it comes to iptables, but this behavior has me crosseyed. I edit my iptables to allow port 8080 availability. I iptable-save it to the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file. Within a days time period my rule is gone from iptables. If I restart the service, it pulls the rules...
  3. A

    Iptables and APF

    I am a newbie and am about to setup a firewall of my server. I've read linux security books about iptables and at the same time noticed that APF is recommended for cpanel. My question is what are the advantages of using iptables alone and APF, repectively. Shall I take the painful steps to learn...
  4. D

    Cron bandmin iptables: Table does not exist

    Received this email after a Cron <[email protected]> /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin iptables: Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?) What could be wrong there
  5. N

    help me fix iptables

    i need only one ip of all ip in my servers can connect witch 5 or 10 hit. If more someone can't connect to that ip. Please tech me. Thanks
  6. H

    iptables invalid tcp error

    Hi There Please could someone help, I have just upgraded to the latest APF (APF version 0.9.4 ) on my RH server however I now get the following error when starting apf firewall [email protected] [~]# apf -r iptables v1.2.9: invalid TCP port/service `#123' specified Try `iptables -h' or...
  7. N

    iptables - do they block IP's automatically?

    I am running apf with anti-dos as well and I have a customer that keeps getting blocked in the iptables. However, it is not listed as being blocked by apf in the apf or anti-dos logs. So I guess my question is there some other way that iptables would automatically block a client. The...
  8. M

    Lost IPtables default entry

    Hello everyone, I recently flushed the INPUT table of my IPtables as it was building up with months of IPs from portsentry. I used IPTABLES -F INPUT. However this also removed the default line that is in INPUT. Dose anybody know what it normally is (Cpanel/Fedora) and the correct iptables...
  9. R

    iptables help...

    i want to block access to my server (sending/receiving emails) running RH9/Cpanel/WHM from a particular IP address. I suspect, he is a spammer. Can someone help me on how use Ip tables to maybe temporarily block this IP, and maybe later allow access, once things are sorted out. can some one...
  10. W

    IPTABLES filter question

    Thanks in advance to any IPTABLES gurus out there who may be able to help me! On one of my servers, running IPTABLES version 1.2.8, I could enter the following rule to block all incoming mail from the IP block: iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -s --destination-port...
  11. M

    iptables config

    I am configuring iptables on my server and I want to edit the file directly. My server is running RHEL. I know on normal RHEL installations the config file is /etc/sysconfig/iptables where is it on a cPanel box?
  12. C

    Anyone familiar with iptables?

    I've been having some problems with bandmin and keep getting an error with iptables. I ran iptables --list and got a weird list: target prot opt source destination all -- host anywhere all -- anywhere host...
  13. E

    Error when trying to start apf firewall iptables v1.2.9: host/network `at' not found

    [email protected] [~]# apf -r Development mode enabled!; firewall will flush every 5 minutes. iptables v1.2.9: host/network `at' not found Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information. iptables v1.2.9: host/network `at' not found Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more...
  14. P

    proftp and iptables issue

    I have ports 20 and 21, TCP and UDP open in iptables. A user can connect to the FTP server ok, but cannot get a directory listing, "ls" doesn't work. If I turn off iptables completely, it works fine. I read somewhere that if a user is connecting from port 21, they also need to have access to...
  15. spiff06

    IPTables: Uninitialized value in bitwise operations?

    Hello everyone, We've been having an increasing number of errors in the kernel script, showing up in the daily LogWatch email report: The offending lines compare IPs for matching: sub compIP { my ($a1,$a2,$a3,$a4,$aval,$bval); # get numeric values for a and b...
  16. P

    config Iptables

    how to config iptable guide me step by step.and how to way check it
  17. P

    iptables command not found

    [email protected] [/var/log]# iptables -A INPUT -s 202.162.556.132 -j DROP bash: iptables: command not found im tried it but it doesnt [email protected] [~]# modinfo ip_tables filename: /lib/modules/2.4.25/kernel/net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_tables.o description: <none> author: <none> license...
  18. M

    iptables - how to block a port to one IP?

    Hello, How to block a port to one IP using iptables rules? Thanks, Minotauro.
  19. X

    iptables: Memory allocation problem?

    I tried to install apf on my box recently. Now I get cronjob emails from bandmin 2 times an hour saying "iptables: Memory allocation problem" about 30 times over. Anyone know how to fix this?
  20. O

    Iptables and APF problem

    When I run apf, 5 minutes after, it close and reset all setting! I have do try to save iptble rule in /etc/sysconfig/iptables But that's not work! What can I do?