1. O

    Iptables and APF problem

    When I run apf, 5 minutes after, it close and reset all setting! I have do try to save iptble rule in /etc/sysconfig/iptables But that's not work! What can I do?
  2. M

    IPTables and APF

    I've been hearing APF to be a good firewall, would anyone say go with this, or any other kind of firewall for a server? Another thing I just put in an IP to iptables to block, since they were attacking the server, is there a way to remove the IP (without restarting, I didn't save it). I'm...
  3. V

    How can I add a chain with iptables?

    How can I add a chain with iptables? I want to give an OUTPUT chain with smtp to anywhere from my server... how can I add chains with IPTABLES cmd ? (please put some examples) Im new on Linux.
  4. D

    IPTables Question

    Can anyone tell me why IPTables is blocking and queries sent to my dns port (53)? IT works fine when i turn off IPTables. Here is the config file # Firewall configuration written by lokkit # Manual customization of this file is not recommended. # Note: ifup-post will punch the current...
  5. N

    IPtables and FTP

    I use KISS firewall and anytime its on and users are connecting via FTP, a 30sec or so delay occures. When the firewall is off, no problems. Is there a special port range that I should have open for FTP? I saw my FTP client jumping around in the 60800 port range, but it varied. Here is what...
  6. C

    problem with iptables or ??????

    hello all i don't understand (sorry for my bad english :( ) i have six servers and one master cluster server from 3 servers no problem, i can connect on master with command 'exemple host hostname' from another 3 servers impossible !! i have a time out with error message ' ...
  7. B


    does whm have anythign to do with iptables/ipchains?
  8. B


    Hey, Im having problems with IPTables. It seems to like blocking DNS. How can i stop this thing from blocking DNS? I have it stopped right now, and i have a cron running hourly to keep it stopped until i have fixed it. Like can somebody provide me with a command i can _almost_ copy and...
  9. J

    iptables rpm issue

    I used WHM to reinstall iptables, but get 'Unloading iptables modules' > FAILED Is the cpanel source for iptables knackered, or is it something else? I'm running RH9. Many thanks
  10. I

    iptables restarted?

    Hi, I keep getting emails saying that Iptables was restarted with an error message in the email. The error is related to the fact that iptables can't be restart as its statically compiled in the kernel, since I compiled it without module support. Why is it attempting to restart iptables...
  11. D

    Blocking Country IPs using IPTables

    Does anyone know where I can find accurate country IPs and how I can block them using IPTables? I need to block Korea, Indonesia, China, Hungary, Russia, France and Netherlands. I get many portscans from culprits living in these countries. :mad: cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  12. N

    iptables blocks everything

    Last night, iptables appeared to have blocked all access to the server. What can be the source of this problem? I am new to iptables config, never did anything with it. Where can I find some basic info about it? cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  13. B

    something is adding tables to my iptables

    every night, something is adding a "acctboth" table (maybe more) to my iptables. Is this stuff necessary, and if not, how do I stop it? cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  14. B

    iptables script

    I just want to contribute something back. I have noticed that no one has posted a basic iptables script. Here is mine: (I have to post it in 3 parts because its a little long) #!/bin/bash # # Load appropriate modules. modprobe ip_tables modprobe ip_conntrack modprobe...
  15. D

    IPTABLES: Blocking Entire IP Range

    How do I block this range of IP addresses using IPTABLES? - Anyone? cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  16. G

    Tonight's upcp hoses iptables

    If you haven't upgraded your kernel to 2.4.20, tonight's upcp hoses up iptables due to a forced ignore on dependency checks. We're getting a nice little message in WHM of: /usr/bin/install: cannot change ownership of `/etc/rc.d/init.d/ipaliases': No such file or directory cPanel.net Support...
  17. W

    iptables and blocking large subnets

    Ok, quick question on using iptables to block an entire range, or mask of IPs. I have a Spammer trying to used un-allocated IPs from sbcglobal.net to send through my Domain name. Yes, they are blocked through the anti-rely setup, but I want to shut them down! Not being that familiar (yet)...
  18. marius

    iptables unaivailabe

    Why everytime when i start the machine i get: Starting bandmin: iptables: resource temporarily unavailable iptables: invalid argument iptables: invalid argument iptables: resource temporarily unavailable iptables: resource temporarily unavailable iptables: resource temporarily...
  19. gertiebeth

    Are IPTABLES installed?

    I am trying to ban an IP range and, per the FAQ, am using ipchains -I input 1 -s 165.*.*.* -j iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP but I keep getting bash: iptables: command not found bash: iptables: command not found root@cpanel...
  20. C


    I found this here as the iptables for a fresh new cpanel 6.x installation. But it seems to me that this does not do anything? Is this the standard cpanel config? And if so does this do anything or is it just a wide open configuration? I just wonder why this is set up at all. Chain INPUT...