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    Hi guys, How I can add jetBackup in users cPanel? When I make a package for a new user I check jetBeckup in the feature list, but the user doesn't see jetBackup on his cPanel. Or the jetBackup is only visible for reseller users. Thanks!
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    Use of uninitialized value $cmd in pattern match

    After the most recent WHM update, my cron is giving the following error: Use of uninitialized value $cmd in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/BUse of uninitialized value $cmd in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Backup/ line 489. ackup/ line 489.
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    rm -rf incremental

    Hi quick question, do you know if it's ok to rm -rf an incremental backup folder? Eg one of our backup servers is smaller than the other and Cpanel do not allow us to control what goes to what additional destination. Therefore we sometimes go in and rm -rf /xxxx/monthly/2019-**-** to get rid...
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    Backup restoration causing high load averages?

    Hi, My load averages are always something like 3.02 4.23 3.89, however once I restore a site it goes to 30.04 29.93 25.78, as site is large server load average is quite high during a lot of time, is there a way to limit backup restoration to use this much CPU?