1. anton_latvia

    Working with multiple domains in new Jupiter theme

    Hello Developers. I would like to share my suggestions on UI for managing addon, alias and subdomains (now called just "Domains") page. If you could improve these things - it would greatly make our life easier. I hope my screenshots are clear and useful.
  2. C

    SOLVED WEEBLY icon link and Jupiter theme

    Would anyone have any info to share with me on why the Weebly link does not work (at least for my servers) in the Jupiter theme? It works fine in Paper_Lantern, but with that theme on the list to be removed... we are facing a bit of a dilemma. I've compared the links...
  3. J

    Jupiter custom css/stylesheet

    Hi everyone. How do we add custom css to the Jupiter theme? We need to remove a few sections in the webmail interface which we currently do with paper lantern styles.css. What's the equivalent way in Jupiter? Thanks
  4. S

    SOLVED How to customize Jupiter Tools?

    I have created a mail server with cPanel. Whenever I log in to a user's cpanel from whm I want to only see the email section under tools. Everything else is clutter. Is there a way to hide everything but email tools?
  5. S

    What happens to accounts that use Paper Lantern after it's removed

    We host hundreds of accounts. If we don't go in and change the cPanel theme on each account, what happens when Paper Lantern is removed in favor of the new Jupiter theme? Is there a single "mass update" process that can update every hosted account to use a specified theme?
  6. U

    Jupiter gets worst not better

    What are you doing to the Jupiter WHM? We've now got a dodgy scroll bar with borders on the side menu, it looks like something from the 90s, I guess that's to fit in with the 80s icons. What's it for? Scroll bars only appear when scrolling, why is the menu in a frame? I appreciate the nav...
  7. M

    SVG logo not displaying in Chrome or MS Edge

    I really hope someone can help and provide some guidance please. After just recently updating to WHM/cPanel 106.0.4 and seeing more consistent warnings about Paper Lantern being removed soon, I decided to finally bite the bullet and switch all accounts to the newer Jupiter theme. One thing I...
  8. K

    In Progress CPANEL-41370 - remove Remote Mysql link and icon from cpanel in jupiter

    How can we get rid of the the Remote MySQL icon and link in cpanel when we use jupiter? We do not allow remote mysql. Was no problem getting rid of all icons and links in cpanel interface we did not need, in paper lantern, but how can we do it in jupiter?
  9. S

    SOLVED SUBDOMAINS icon in Jupiter not showing

    I have moved accounts from Paper Lantern to the new Jupiter theme and everything was fine until one of my customers call asking on where the "Subdomain" icon is located after the switch". To my surprise he was right, there was no "Subdomain" icon on that Theme. After checking on the servers...
  10. D

    Addon domains, subdomain options missing for Jupiter

    Hi, today I need to create an addon domain for a customer but couldn't find the option In whm, i'm in the customers cpanel. using Jupiter theme, these options are missing. I switched to paper lantern and the options are there cpanel 106.0.1
  11. NEK4TE

    Cron Backup (manual) cPanel script no longer works with Jupiter

    Hello, I have been using this script for couple of years for extra cPanel backups, however, with new cPanel Jupiter theme, this no longer works. Would somebody be able to provide information / help on how to resolvee this and havee this script working again with Jupiter? Time and help is...
  12. E

    Remove cpanel footer from jupiter

    Hi How can i remove the cpanel footer, from jupiter theme, so its not showing the cpanel logo and version number ?
  13. S

    Proper way to disable Jupiter theme

    Is there a proper way of disabling the Jupiter theme? As in not making it available to be attached to packages or selected when creating a new account? Or is just removing the /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/jupiter directory the only way? Beginning my move over from cPanel 94 to cPanel 102...
  14. PPNSteve

    Undesired Forced Jupiter Update

    I REALLY want cPanel to just forget about forcing the junky Jupiter theme onto us. At worst you should continue to offer and support them both. If the end user cPanel is anything like WHM's then its doomed to die and make many clients rethink their hosting options. It is nearly impossible to...
  15. cPRex

    New Thread Jupiter Updates

    Hello everyone! I'm creating this thread to post updates we are making to the Jupiter theme. This will serve as an easy resource for users to see what changes are happening in the interface, many of which are taken straight from customer feedback. I'll be posting updates to this thread...
  16. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40485 - Jupiter Bug: cPanel Autoresponders selection does not stick for the drop down

    cPanel version 102.0.11 in cPanel under Autoresponders the drop down does not stick when selecting the domain, sub or add on domain should stick so we know what is being selected. Thanks Spiro
  17. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40486 - Jupiter BUG: cPanel Forwarders Select does not display each domain always stay on ALL

    in cPanel Version 102.011 When selecting Email Forwarders in cPanel and you are able to select your domain or sub domain or add on domain after you have created or even before creating a forwarder, the drop down selection under ( Managing ) won't stay on the domain, sub or add on domain you...
  18. Babene7

    AutoInstallSSL not working under Jupiter theme

    Hello guys, I was wondering if someone has found a way to make the third-party tool AutoInstallSSL work with the new Jupiter theme on cPanel. It only works with previous themes like Paper Lantern. I have reached the devs but haven't received a reply yet. So, has someone found a way to make it...
  19. shenzy

    Jupiter with old icons

    Hello, The mandatory change to Jupiter in the WHM has not been very well received by several users, including myself. I like that it is responsive, it helps a lot to work from the phone, but the loss of the colorful icons many of us did not like. Looking for a solution to this, I have taken the...
  20. dzamanakos

    Jupiter theme missing all standard icons

    Hi, after the last cpanel update some of my servers are missing all the cpanel icons, and some that updated some days later have them. How can i install the missing icons? I'm attaching screenshots of the missing icons. best,