1. keat63

    kcare: Probing patch URL: https://patches.kernelcare.com

    I'm seeing Kcare trying to probe home about 20 times (maybe more) per day. There doesn't appear to be any pattern as to when this tries. It could be at 15 minute intervals one time, and an hour the next . Is it possible to reduce this down to maybe once every 12 hours.
  2. K

    SOLVED [CPANEL-21909] Is KernelCare's Free Symlink Protection free forever?

    I ask because I get a notification which says: Patch the kernel (run “kcarectl --update” on the command line). Update the system (run “yum -y update” on the command line), and reboot the system. When I type kcarectl --update I get thefollowing: The IP x.x.x.x was already used for trialing on...