1. A


    Hey all, We have a client that wanted us to install this for them. A bit of research it seems okay. Any cons or safety issues we should worry about? Need to install phpcomposer and install. Any thoughts?
  2. J

    NestJS / TypeOrm or Laravel + Vue.js on Cpanel Server?

    I need to create a brand new V2 of an old PHP application I created using no sort of framework. I also do all the Sysadmin work. I want to hand off the coding responsibilities and just do the high level design work. I want to move to a more modern framework (coming from nothing at all) but want...
  3. D

    Laravel project error

    Hello, I have setup a laravel project and created a subdomain to point that folder. Everything works well except that when i visit that subdomain in another tab, it throws 403 forbidden. I cant even access the htaccess file. Can you please solve it? It's urgent.
  4. Ramon Pego

    Permissions for Laravel storage folder

    Hello I am facing a very annoying and recurring problem. I have some systems using Laravel on my CentOs 6.2 Every time the system tries to create a new file in the folder for example ~ myapp / storage / * He gives permission error Even though I am giving chmod -R 777 storage / He can create the...
  5. S

    Add a custom vhost to cPanel server?

    I want to run the Laravel API with a specified port 5000. Because there is another websocket also running on port 8090. I have done this regular way on Ubuntu 18.04 server with the following vhosts /etc/apache2/sites-available/ <VirtualHost *:5000> ServerName...
  6. D

    Change apache's webroot directory?

    I installed laravel on one of my domains in cpanel. Laravels docs recommend that I change the webroot directory to the "public" directory which is located inside of the framework main directory. How do I change the webroot directory from public_html to public for a specific domain?
  7. Denis Gomes Franco

    SOLVED Can't login to a laravel script properly

    Hey. This isn't strictly a problem with Cpanel or even Apache, but I don't know where to turn to help. I do use an open source invoicing script called Invoice Ninja that was developed with Laravel and PHP. It was running just fine on my previous server (Plesk) but ever since migrating it to...