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    SOLVED Ldap authentication with windows login

    Hi all, I have been trying to authenticate windows login credentials by using ldap.Below is the code by which i am trying to authenticate the login credentials by accessing active directory of windows server but i am unable to authenticate it.Can anyone please help me resolve the problem...
  2. D

    Dependency issues installing LDAP server

    I am having dependency issues installing LDAP server. Ports 389, 636, 9830 have been configured for iptables. epel repo has been installed. /etc/sysctl.conf, /etc/security/limits.conf, /etc/profile, etc/pam.d/login have been added to accordingly. When running "yum install 389-ds openladp-clients...
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    Integration of ldap with webmail

    How to integrate ldap with webmail and use it for the webmail login authentication as a third party of my webpage with the help of php code?
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    ldap authentication

    Hey All, Any news on ldap authentication into cpanel? I was thinking about install the power broker AD utils, anyone know if that would work/break things?
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    create LDAP user

    I want to use ldap in my server with moodle. But , i dont know how to open the LDAP page, or to create unix user please teach where to go in to create thanks
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    Modules installed, but LDAP not working...

    Hey folks. I have an application this is hosted on my CPanel server that needs to authenticate to our LDAP server. I did the easy apache install to add ldap modules, and when I view info.php I see that LDAP is installed, so I think I am OK on that end. The issue we are running into now is...
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    LDAP Server & administration on cPanel

    Hello, Is there any plugin, cPanel add-on or anything else compatible with cPanel that could host an LDAP server and manage it ? I see there is openldap and phpldapadmin, but they seem to work independently of cPanel/WHM. Thank you.
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    Debug ldap support for cPanel accounts

    Hi all, I'm having a strange problem getting ldap working for accounts on a WHM server. I have php module and apache module installed but I can't get any account to use ldap. For testing I installed drupal 6 with the ldap help module. It adds a status option to a drupal install to see if...
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    Transferred account no longer uses ldap

    I have a website which I transferred from 1 WHM to another using WHM and root credentials but after the transfer the website can no longer authenticate using ldap. The website itself runs and users can use the fall back authentication system to access the site but not using ldap The account...
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    How To Install PHP Ldap in Cpanel ?

    Dear All, May I know how to install php ldap in cpanel server (centos), because i have installed open ldap, and then when i type php -m i cannot find module ldap. Thanks
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    CPanel with PHP4 and LDAP ???

    I have been trying to configure our Cpanel server that is using php4 to be able to use the php ldap functions to make connections from our application to an LDAP server for authentication, and it doesn't seem to be working. When configuring with EasyApache (Easy::Apache v3.2.0 Build 4986), I...
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    LDAP on RHEL5 Cpanel11

    LDAP on RHEL5 Cpanel11 - more questions!!! Greetings, I've used EasyApache to compile with LDAP support but require clarification on a few items: 1. There are two options in EA that relate to LDAP (LDAP and LDAP authenz). Both are checked. Does this compile/turn on the...
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    cPanel LDAP authorisation

    Hello, Is there a possibility of implementing an authorisation over an existing LDAP based data storage. I guess there is no big deal with emails, but is there a way of doing this to cPanel services (ports 2083 and less importantly 2087) without them crashing. OFC not to mention that...
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    List server (or LDAP server?)

    I host a site for a church-group. 2 members in the leadership of the church needs to send out emails to the full group 2-3 times per week. I have implemented Acajoom for this purpose, but is too cumbersome for older people in the leadership. No I wondered, would it not be possible to create a...
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    Ldap authentication

    I want to know how to configure cpanel to authenticate the users from LDAP directory. and what is the ldap schema should I use.
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    ldap and cPanel

    I want to know the way to integrate Ldap in cPanel. I have also others aplications like dovecot and vexira I want to live with cPanel. Can you help me for this. Thank you Yrs
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    ldap and cPanel

    I want to know the to integrate Ldap in cPanel. I have also others aplications like dovecot and vexira I want to live with cPanel. Can you help me for this. Thank you Yrs
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    LDAP autocreation of cPanel Accounts...Need help

    I would like to have a cron job or something connect to an LDAP server and autocreate the cPanel accounts. Anyone know the way to do this? Do i create a script in PHP to connect and retrieve the LDAP info, then use another script to create the accounts based on the LDAP names and passwords...
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    CPanel + LDAP Auth

    Hey all, I've got an environment that consists of 10 CPanel boxes right now and all of my sysadmins have local accounts so they can SSH in for any required work. Has anyone had any experience setting up LDAP to work in such a way that the only thing that is checked against logins is LDAP...
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    CP, WHM and LDAP

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience in setting up a multiple server environment using LDAP for authentication.. my situation is I have 6 servers but because of the fact that they aren't using 1 centralized authentication area, I have users on multiple servers with the same username, and...