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    SOLVED Ldap authentication with windows login

    Hi all, I have been trying to authenticate windows login credentials by using ldap.Below is the code by which i am trying to authenticate the login credentials by accessing active directory of windows server but i am unable to authenticate it.Can anyone please help me resolve the problem...
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    Dependency issues installing LDAP server

    I am having dependency issues installing LDAP server. Ports 389, 636, 9830 have been configured for iptables. epel repo has been installed. /etc/sysctl.conf, /etc/security/limits.conf, /etc/profile, etc/pam.d/login have been added to accordingly. When running "yum install 389-ds openladp-clients...
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    Integration of ldap with webmail

    How to integrate ldap with webmail and use it for the webmail login authentication as a third party of my webpage with the help of php code?