1. D

    Linux RedHat 9 ?

    Hi, I´m planning upgrade my OS from RH 7.3 to latest version 9. Is it a good idea? I will appreciate your help about this.. :) Thank you.
  2. T

    Linux Source in /usr/src/linux-2.4.19

    Just spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out why a brand new clients used quota was 158MB no matter what I did, turns out his UID was tied to /usr/src/linux-2.4.19/ Maybe the authors should set aside UIDs for themselves that won't potentially be spread out to the production...
  3. H

    When will a stable Cpanel 6 be released for Linux 7.3

    Seems a lot of work being done with freeBSD but not with Linux until lately. Anyone know when a stable or release verison will be out. Thx
  4. A

    limiting throughput - linux

    anyone got any solutions for limiting bandwidth throughput on the ip level? (Remember the raq3/4's had that feature....) Im running RH 7.2/3 on all my servers
  5. C

    Gentoo Linux

    Hello, Is CPanel/WHM compatible with Gentoo linux? Thanks, Eric
  6. T

    Linux Guru's.. I need RM command help..

    OK I tried the new incremental backup feature in WHM and found out it is not going to work, filling hard drive up too fast. So I now need to remove the incremental back up dirs it made and leave the tar.gz's in place. Here is a sample of a ls on the backup. Anyone got a good way to do...
  7. E

    Linux Ping Question

    but not hosts! like ping or does not work! dummy Q? it has nothing to do with cpanel! I know! dont give me that look ;)
  8. Drake

    Linux SLAPPER Worm Virus

    Hello All, I have just received a security from regarding Linux Slapper Worm Virus, targeting Linux boxes, ssl port. Below, is a copy of the notice I had received. Nick, and staff... Please let us know what you think about this. Thanks, Drake P.
  9. S

    Installation Problem - RH Linux 7.3

    I did what the docs said: su to root cd /usr wget sh latest and I get these errors: [[email protected] home]# sh latest DCOPServer up and running. [[email protected] home]# Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy kdeinit: Fatal IO error: client...
  10. Drake

    Blocking WinNt attacks on Linux Boxes

    I'd like to have anyone's comments or experiences with any scenarios like this. Anyone who's familiar with their apache error_log will know about windowsNt attacks and how common they are. You see error for page or file not existing such as /scripts/cmd.exe and root.exe, and so on. I've...
  11. E

    Rethat Linux 7.2 or 7.3

    I need to choose between 7.2 or 7.3. I just want some experience and your recommendations. thanks
  12. D

    Linux Gurus only

    This is my current environment: [[email protected] ImageMagick-5.4.7]# df Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/hda2 30233928 140460 28557656 1% / /dev/hda1 46636 4408 39820 10% /boot /dev/hda6 2071384...
  13. H

    RedHat Linux Program?

    If i install redhat linux to setup cpanel, pls tell me install which one program on redhat disc? FTP ? HTTP ? or all not , just OS System only? please help me. please tell me install without program? thanks
  14. T

    ColdFusion Server for Linux

    Anyone have experience with ColdFusion Server for Linux on a Linux sever? Any issues with cPanel/WHM? I am looking at a software package which require ColdFusion... Thanks for the feedback.
  15. S

    Backup method on Linux web server with CPANEL

    Please advise what the most cost-efficient method to backup all information on my webserver (e.g. backup tape, network storage device and so on.).
  16. H

    File Manager: File Type: fsav (linux) virus (24933-46)

    Hello, When attempting to edit HTML files within the CPanel's File Manager, the right hand frame no longer displays &Edit& as an option. The file info reads: File Type: fsav (linux) virus (24933-46) The file can no longer be edited, and can only be fixed temporarily by...
  17. J

    Sparc64 Linux

    Is Cpanel layer one or 2 compatable with sparc64 linux?
  18. D

    Linux hard disk question?

    Hello, I\'m new to Linux, so if my questions is trivial please understand it. I have dedicated server with Red Hat and WHM on . About 20 days ago I noticed this in section server information in WHM: Physical Drives hda: WDC WD600AB-00BVA0, ATA DISK drive hda: 117231408 sectors...