1. H

    Cannot install cPanel on Microsoft Azure Linux

    Hi everybody. Recent days, I've got these errors when i install cPanel "" I checked this package on above address, but i can found it. :confused: Does Anybody help me?
  2. E

    moving to linux.

    Is this possible to Directly transfer the hosting to linux from windows ?
  3. L

    Trying to install Linux with cPanel using CD from the cPanel site

    I have been trying to install Linux with Cpanel for hours and hours and it is so frustrating. Linux installs and I reboot and Cpanel says it is installing and I always go back to bash-3.2#. I found on the CentOS site you should not use the "root" as the username but I cannot find out where to...
  4. J

    which would be the best configuration for a vps linux using wordpress

    I have a vps and i was planing to create a reseller account for my own websites, 4 of them everything works fine. cpanel accounts, ftp,mysql etc but whe i install the template for wordpress , theres no posibility to generate thumbnails automatically , even if i add manually , obviously i have...
  5. T

    How to Manage WHM from Linux Terminal instead of accessing thorugh GUI

    I want to manage my entire cPanel Based Linux server from Command Line itself Please advice any documentation so that i can refer it
  6. L

    Looking for help in new installation of linux and cPanel

    I will pay for help in installing linux and cPanel on a system: Task List: - Backup current cPanel account/user and MySQL database on an attached USB drive - Reinstall linux on system - Install latest WHM and cPanel on same system - Restore cPanel account/user and MySQL database - Make sure web...
  7. L

    CentOS, Red Hat EL or Cloud Linux?

    I've been using cPanel on Redhat Enterprise for some time now and am about to order my second cPanel server. My question is which os is the best for me to get? I'm quite happy with Red Hat but is there any real benefit of me paying the extra money for it over CentOS? My follow up question...
  8. eva2000

    WHM with Oracle Linux 6.x ??

    Looking at WHM system requirements at System Requirements - cPanel Inc., RHEL 6 is supported. So was wondering since Oracle Linux 6.x is close to a clone of RHEL 6.x, if anyone has tried WHM with Oracle Linux 6.x ? You can even switch from RHEL 6.x to Oracle Linux Unbreakable Kernel...
  9. J

    In place migration from FreeBSD to Linux

    I am rebuilding a FreeBSD server to centos. What is the best way to transfer cpanel accounts from the old server to the new server? centos is being installed on new drives and I'll be able to mount the old drives to perform data transfer. It's not clear to me what the best way to perform a...
  10. T

    Need to Install JavaBridge on linux server with Cpanel/WHM

    Hi, I urgently require javabridge installation on my server (VPS) . It has cpanel/whm , I am not able to find any comprehensive guide on installing Javabridge via cpanel/whm . Can somebody plz guide me through the process , I will be really thankful . Regards
  11. D

    how to setup dedicated server on linux

    I have WHM 11.30.5 (build 6) and CENTOS 5.7 x86_64 standard on server Can some one guide me how to I install a dedicated server for web hosting on top of our current linux web server? Is that possible to do this remotely via WHM? Or do I need to install it on the data center where my...
  12. W

    Issue on boot VM linux backup

    Hello Scenario I have vmware VM with centos 5.7 and 2 hd (1 master + 1 for backup) Now I test restore backup VM to other vmware host, the full image backup don't have the second HD (backup) Restore work fine, but when start centos get error about filesystems .. if I add 2nd (empty)...
  13. N

    Scientific Linux - Making cPanel install...

    I standardized on Scientific for my recent server deployments (CentOS community stability worries me). Problem is, cPanel didn't want to install on it. Not a huge deal, i could have built it with CentOS, but CentOS 6.0's kickstart is completely broken. So i used SL 6.1 instead. Now CentOS...
  14. N

    cpanel WHW linux and drupal cms

    Hello at all, I have need your help. I'm very new in the cpanel, my english is bad, sorry for this problem. I want to create a site that offers two tools, a solution of e-commerce and blog. I do not know how to enable multiple site in cpanel. can help a beginner. My config: * cpanel * cms...
  15. T

    cPanel/WHM and Ubuntu Linux

    Hello everyone, Requirements of your product CentOS, RedHat, Cloud Linux and FreeBSD. But in this list, I can not find the Ubuntu Linux. Why? But to date, Ubuntu Linux has popular estimates and many passing to Ubuntu Linux. So, I want to ask about that, have you some plans about Ubuntu Linux...
  16. F

    cPanel on other linux distros

    Just curious if anyone is running cPanel on an alternate Linux distro based on RHEL other than CentOS, such as Scientific Linux or Oracle Linux. More specifically, running cPanel on version 6 or 6.1. I know the system requirements specify RHEL or CentOS and does not include some of these...
  17. P

    Linux video encoding

    OK, I have spent many hours putting together an script that will save many people alot of time from encoding and building many servers you want to go in quick and just update the server and be done. what this script does is install all popular codecs for video scripts like clipshare more...
  18. J

    Migrating Accounts from 32-bit to 64-bit Linux

    I have migrated accounts to new servers before, but both have been same version of Linux. Now I plan to migrate from 32-bit RHEL to 64-bit CentOS. Both are kernel 2.6.18. Both are WHM 11.28.87. Will I be able to restore a cpmove file created on the 32-bit system on the 64-bit system without...
  19. K

    Is possible to set individual PHP config for each Cpanel Linux user?

    Dear Sir, :D As subject, is possible to set individual PHP config for each Cpanel Linux user in a same linux server? :confused: Thank you. :)
  20. postcd

    Linux shell command to backup configuration files

    Hello, we can use command cd /home /scripts/pkgacct USERNAME .. cpanel account backup is made to the /home directory cd /home /scripts/restorepkg USERNAME .. backup file is restored --- But how can i make configuration files backup from command line (like /etc/my.cnf) etc...