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    A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive

    I updated my cpanel 80.09 In the List Accounts section, the following error is given A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive error logs cpanel [2019-05-29 11:17:45 +0430] warn [whostmgr4] [3037291] Attempt to unlock file that was locked by another process...
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    Account is missing

    Hi guys, Today I realized that one of mine account is missing in WHM in list accounts! It's very strange! The account is fiscally exist in the server I can access it and from web (cPanel) too but it's missing in WHM. Can you help to restore it? thank you! I'm running v74.0.10 EDIT: SOLVED...
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    List Accounts error

    I have a problem. When I want to get List Account I'm seeing this file error - listaccts.tmpl: not found
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    Customized List Account view

    Hi all is there any option to customize the List Account view? I'd like to have a column available to display a personal note. Thank you.
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    [CPANEL-21450] Fixed-width domain column in List Accounts

    Hey In the latest WHM are the list accounts columns not expandable? Thought they used to be? Domain name is cramped up. Thanks
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    Download all records to a CSV file

    in cPanel>List Accounts at the bottom is a link that says 'Download all records to a CSV file.' when that gets clicked it launches a tab with the info. I right click it>save link as>rename it to a CSV and then download it. Not a huge deal but I figure its an easy fix for ya.
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    SOLVED List Accounts xfercpanel redirect

    Hello there! I am having an issue tracking down why the "cP" logo next to a domain in "List Accounts" redirects strangely. When logged in to WHM on the hostname i.e I access "List Accounts" and click the cP logo next to the domain. This loads...
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    List account hanging

    Hi, We having issue when list account in whm (Home > Account Information > List Accounts). It just hanging around. It not showing result. I can see tab is loading. Some info: OS: CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 kvm Version: WHM 62.0 (build 15) Advice needed. Thanks.
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    cpanelconnecttrack and domain *unknown*

    For some reason I have a 0MB domain setup with a cpanel account. The domain is "*unknown*". I have looked and I cannot seem to figure out how or why this has happened. Any ideas?