1. R

    Customer error_log in one file

    Is there a way to create only one error_log file per customer? Now error_log files are generated in every folder where there is an error. System is using: cPanel + Cloudlinux + GageFS. I know of a way using using custom php.ini (CloudLinux Documentation) but it's difficult to release because...
  2. sahostking

    logs location changed?

    Hi Am I right in saying that there is no more access_logs folder but rather a logs folder within /home/[useraccount]/ ? I see on new servers we have /home/user/logs now and not /home/user/access_logs anymore.
  3. S

    Obtain ip or location data of device

    Hi Apologies upfront if this is a simple question. Where do I look to identify the ip address or location of a computer or device that is remotely accessing an smtp email account?
  4. M

    Email ID login Log

    Hi, I would like to get specific Email ID login log with IP / Date / Time, We have domain hosting in which a lot of email ids are created. We want to know when and where a specific email id was login via either webmail or from email software. We have Server Cpanel/WHM/ROOT SSH access.
  5. T

    Mail Error Localisation

    hello, i want to change received, transmitted error logs content. is that possible? how can i do that?
  6. W

    Master Log File in WHM

    Hello I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, please excuse me if it is not? I am running cloudlinux. In WHM (through CSF) I would like to be able to observe (watch) a "master" log of VirtualHost activity. For example, in CSF at the moment, I am able to watch...