1. A

    dcpumon logs are empty

    Hi team , I noticed that "daily process log" shows empty table in the last few days. Also running dcpumonview script give an empty result. Cron service is running. I check /var/log/dcpumon/2018/Sep And it is empty as well. Any idea please ?
  2. C

    SOLVED Timeout errors in logs

    Hello, I saw these errors in /var/log/apache2/error_log [cgi:warn] [pid 29711] [client HostIP:37422] AH01220: Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/ea-php71, referer: https://www.example.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=<wp cron id> [cgi:error] [pid 29711] [client...
  3. E

    Logs for access user cPanel interface

    Hello, In which logs I can see which user and when access to own cPanel interface? In /var/log/apache2/domlogs/ I can see access to his website. Best regards, Elizabeta
  4. M

    Grep logs between to 2 timestamps?

    Am trying to grep logs between 02/Aug/2018:13:12:00 and 02/Aug/2018:13:15:59 but unable to succeed with single command. Please suggest if there is any single command to display logs of above timestamps. Regards, Mel
  5. N

    Meaning of child exit/start entries in PHP-FPM logs

    php-fpm: hundreds of seconds in the log, Can anyone tell me, what are these seconds like after 51.320215 seconds from start and what does it mean? [14-Jun-2018 21:46:39] NOTICE: [pool mysite.com] child 4296 exited with code 0 after 51.320215 seconds from start [14-Jun-2018 21:46:39] NOTICE...
  6. J

    How to view SYS SNAP logs from days before

    Hi, I installed Sys-snap.pl few days ago. It works weel. I can start, stop, view TAR data logs from the same day. [~] ./sys-snap.pl --loadavg 8:45 9:00 How to view logs, with verbose, from yesterday or days before? I installed sysstat to be able to use SAR (looking server resources). runq-sz...
  7. speckados

    How to read on realtime apache logs sites with piped active

    Hi. I have activated the apache logs with "Piped Apache Logs" Now how can I see in real time, the activity of a site? before I used: tail -f /etc/apache/logs/domlogs/log_of_site
  8. N

    DNSOnly Missing Logs

    Hi. One of my DNS Only servers started to send my email notifications with the subject: [hostname] RECOVERED ❇: cphulkd And int the Log Messages section it says: The system could not provide log messages for “cphulkd” because it failed to read all of the potential log files with the following...
  9. H

    PHP error logs

    I'm having a similiar issue. Moving a user from a system to a new system, and they're getting 500 errors that aren't logging. I've enabled display_errors, checked the local error_log, /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log, and in /home/USER/logs/ The user wants the old condition back where if there...
  10. S

    Export mail logs in txt

    Can I export the e-mailing logs in txt file?
  11. vikelidiskostas

    Where are the FTP Logs?

    Hello everyone, I am struggling to understand where FTP logs are stored and how they get rotated. I am not talking about FTP authentications as they are stored in /var/log/messages. I am ok with that. I am talking about the logging of file transfers. Yesterday i uploaded a file using a cpanel...
  12. James.Simpson

    VPS Crashes Every 24 Hours - No Logs?

    Hi All, After a bit of help with this one, as I'm pretty stuck as to what is causing the fault. I have checked all the logs I can think of, and there is nothing in any of them to suggest what is causing the VPS to turn itself off. For example - messages log: Feb 16 02:08:33 vps-8250c3 kernel...
  13. N

    SOLVED cPanel logs me out 2 seconds after I log in?

    I logged into my cPanel today and it kicks me out after about 2 seconds. I tried it numerous times and one time it let me stay in there for about 5 minutes but now it is back to kicking me out right away. I cleared my cache and same thing. I tried Chrome and same thing. What could cause this...
  14. A

    All DNSonly logs disappeared?

    Hi. One of my DNS Only servers started to send my email notifications with the subject: [hostname] RECOVERED ❇: cphulkd And int the Log Messages section it says: The system could not provide log messages for “cphulkd” because it failed to read all of the potential log files with the following...
  15. M

    Email notification when cPanel user logs in?

    Hello. Is there any way to get email notification when a user logged to cPanel? I have installed ConfigServer Security & Firewall(csf) to the WHM. Is there any feature in firewall to achieve this target? Thanks.
  16. baronn

    error logs after migrating to php 7.1

    Hello everyone. Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction here. I have a vps and full root access. Running the latest version of whm/cpanel: Apache/2.4.29 - CENTOS 6.9 v68.0.21 So I updated a site to php 7.1. All working beautifully and love the increased performance over php...
  17. D

    "daily" access logs start at 6am?

    So cPanel offers "daily" logs in /home1/me/access-logs that allegedly are for one days worth of logs. In my system, somewhat oddly, those files start every day at 6am, which for me is noon GMT. Duh? Is there a simple way to make them start at local midnight like normal clocks do?
  18. W

    Automatically monitor error logs and send email for fatal errors

    I use a variety of monitors to check for website uptime and server uptime e.g. uptime robot, monitis etc. These work great if e.g. server down or website 500 server error - or other network related issues where the server or site response is not pingable. However, if a single website...
  19. Masimo

    Locating access logs for file on an account

    How can extract all create, edit or access logs for an special file on server? I need all possible access logs for an exist file from Sep 9 2017, please help me in advance. Need to all possible logs for “/home/bank/public_html/test.txt” in the server.
  20. N

    Large SSL Logs Issue

    Hello, I just seen I have huge logs files related to SSL. With SSD and redondant backups, I try to save disk space and avoid big logs :-) Is there a tweak or something to disable these SSL logs or decrease the number of days to retain SSL logs ? Thanks a lot! Nicolas