1. rpmws

    deleting "deleted" domains logs and other stuff

    deleting "deleted" domains logs and other stuff Hey Nick, How about a script that will run through and get rid of all the &baggage& left behind after we delete a domain? I mean logs, localdomains , webalizer, bandwidth lists in WHM. I clean out 2 resellers and now my box looks like a...
  2. I

    how to see who took down server? where are logs

    hi there, i am running a test server at home here, and i have 30 or so sites, that arent like.. full.. so people so scripts, etc and try to take down the server for me, so i can learn..... anyways, where is the logs that show who did what? i mean, i couldnt get into WHM at all, or...
  3. S

    logs deleted

    Hi, How often do the logs get deleted.....Is there an exact routine for that...Or is it the log file size that matters..Please enlighten...
  4. C

    logs for 1 domain not rotating

    Hello, i have one domain on which the logs are not being rotated 99394939 Apr 15 12:50 friendreunited.co.uk 82944 Apr 15 12:50 friendreunited.co.uk-bytes_log any ideas on how to correct this?
  5. A

    users error logs

    when i view my error logs in cpanel, all i get is Last 300 Error Log Messages in reverse order -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nolog.html xxxxxxx How can i fix this?
  6. H

    Subdomain LOGs, bandwidth

    Ok. 1) How to fix subdomains bandwidth bug? 2) How to rotate subdomains logs automatically?
  7. W

    PortSentry logs again

    Hi ya, The last few days, PortSentry has been logging peoples email login attempts and emailing me them. It makes the email HUGE and is a pain to spot potential problems. An example of an entry is this
  8. C

    dl raw access logs

    i dl\'ed my log zip file.. zip file = 12 mb inside is a 158mb .exe file (msdos application) when i try and run this /exe file it says program too big for memory and does nothing,. I need to view my stats in webtrneds can you tell me how to get them? is this a bug? its been like...
  9. W

    Exim Logs-- What is this?

    It seems Exim and sendmail are plagued with errors. I have been monitoring logs, and found a ton of entries like this one... == [email protected] T=remote_smtp defer (-44): retry time not reached for any host 2 What does smtp_defer mean? What about retry time not reached...
  10. T

    Raw Logs via Cpanel are empty

    We\'ve received several reports of people downloading their raw logs from cpanel and they won\'t unzip properly because they are emtpy/corrupt. Some of our clients have been doing this since their webalizer/analog stats stopped updating a while back. Any ideas how to fix this?
  11. C

    managing logs

    Hello, i am trying set up my server so i can manange my logs. I know that with standard install website logs are rotated at end of month, but i also have some domians setup with logs in home/logs as per: http://i4net.tv/marticle/get.php?action=getarticle&articleid=22 What i would like to...