1. O

    SOLVED Installed Cloudlinux & found more users than I should have.

    Hello I have installed CloudLinux and under users in the Live Manager it displays duplicates (as shown in image ) the duplicates are 1- default account (no idea how that got there) and 3 - N/A accounts. All 4 have no domains attached but the default one does have/show Speed,PMEM...
  2. R

    LVE Stats Not Showing in cPanel

    Hi, I have a cPanel server v76.0.20 with CloudLinux 7.6. The LVE Statistics in the theme Paper Lantern (CPU, Memory Usage...) don't show, I tried forced update cPanel and the option on WHM: Hide LVE end user usage statistic, don't is marked. The image anexed show the area where it does not...
  3. T

    LVE Manager Current Usage Blank

    I noticed the other day when I load the current usage in LVE manager, it doesn't show any users or usage. Just says "No Result Found". I haven't made any changes.. so not sure why it's behaving this way. Any ideas?
  4. Nile Youth

    SOLVED [WEB-1092] LVE Manager parsing array error

    Hello Everyone I have an issue on my LVE Manager each time I try to open it Via Admin User I got this error Massage: it's only open if I logged in from Root User this is new issue the LVE work normal from 3 days I think and the only Update on my server that I made change on cpanel3-skel for...
  5. R

    LVE manager displays strange after update

    Hello! I have noticed that after restart (initiated because CPanel updates asks for that) LVE manager looks strange and there is no option to directly list / see all the users as it was before server restart and CPanel update. Is this correct or something wrong...
  6. S

    Internal Death while parsing LVE Manager

    Hello. I have issue with opening CloudLinux LVE Manager section in Cpanel menu. It hapaned after cpanel update. To clearly understand the problem, please look at the attached file. Thank you.
  7. A

    cPanel memory limit

    I have a VPS with 16 GB of RAM that has 8 deffrint cPanels accounts. All the sites are very slow and while I'm infstgating the proplam I found that all sites has only 1 MB as memory and 100 Bytes for CPU Usage. can any one please tell me how I can fix this I spent last tow days trying to do...
  8. S

    Ressource Usage Limits Display in cPanel

    I would like to apply ressource usage limits for the accounts I have on whm. Like this: - Removed - I have some limits such as addon domains, aliases, autoresponders, bandwith, etc... but I also would like Physical Memory Usage, Cpu Usage and Virtual Memory Usage. Can you please tell me the...
  9. Serra

    Current Usage on cPanel vs LVE Manager

    When I look in LVE Manager, I have an LVE set to CPU of 250%. I believe that it is actually getting 250% when it needs it, but there is an issue with the client cPanel. In cPanel, under CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage, it shows a graph of CPU going to up 100%. Usage...
  10. Zoom2X

    Installing LVEmanager Issue

    I installed success cloudlinux and reboot my server ok, but missing in WHM Server configuration and then i used yum install lvemanager with warning "Not thing to do..." Please help me I am using centos 6.8 final & WHM 62.0 (build 8)
  11. G

    SOLVED High Load - lvestats-server

    Hi all, Over the past probably...... week..... I have two of my cPanel VPS servers running higher loads than normal and both are showing the below as the high user: ================================================================ /opt/alt/python27/bin/python2.7...
  12. G

    SOLVED Faults on resources

    Hello there, I can't understand why I am having faults in my resources when my site is not having that much traffic here is the screen shot. I think this is the new version of cPanel because there is no m here anymore.
  13. A

    lve manager blank screen problem

    hi everyone, we just install cloud linux and lve manager on our server but we are only see blank screen when we'r restart the lve manager we'r getting this error root@server34 [~]# service lvestats restart Stopping lvestats: [FAILED] Starting...
  14. M

    LVE Manager Historical Usage and Charts are Blank

    Hello, I noticed that LVE Manager has not been recording any statistical history on any LVE id. Everything comes up as "There is no data to display". This is a production server that has medium to high traffic. Current WHM version: 58 build 28 Outputs: #/etc/init.d/httpd -M|grep hosting...