1. jimmy57000

    cPanel on Proxmox LXC issue

    Hello, I have installed Cpanel on my Proxmox (LXC) My question and what are the changes I must make on my VM? I have to change the kernel 4.15.17-3-pve? Do you think that and stable? On the whm I have this message : You must reboot the server to apply software updates. Thanks you !
  2. T

    SOLVED cPanel in LXC container requesting reboots

    Hello, We recently installed cPanel in a CentOS 7 LXC container running on Proxmox 5.1 After the installation, cPanel is requesting reboot due to software updates. Rebooting the container did not solve the issue. whmapi1 reports the following: # whmapi1 system_needs_reboot --- data...
  3. P

    Running each account in a separate LXC Container?

    Like the title suggests, it would be cool to be able to run each customer/account/domain in a separate LXC container. Effectively sandboxing every account. I'm sure this has been thought of before and perhaps it isn't even possible for a multitude of reasons, but I figured I'd throw it out...
  4. Z

    OpenVZ to LXC Conversion

    Proxmox recently discontinued 3.x, forcing me to migrate over to 4.x. Long story short, after converting the OpenVZ cPanel VM to LXC and re-configuring it, I booted it and all of my sites returned error 500. I looked at the apache logs and found errors like: [Tue Apr 18 04:12:11.207619 2017]...
  5. A

    LXC Containers give error jailshell: /dev/null: Permission denied

    Hi, I have a problem using Cpanel with LXC I got this error once I use ssh with users jailshell: /dev/null: Permission denied I tried a lot with some solution like mknod -m 666 /dev/null c 1 3 but this will not resolve the issue, I would like to optimize my Cpanel with LXC I don't like using...
  6. Karateka

    Proxmox v4.1 and cPanel on Centos 7 (lxc)

    Hello, I have installed cPanel on Proxmox 4.1 (the host node is running Jessie) with a Centos 7 lxc. However, some services are marked as failed in the system monitor, when they are actually up. So whilst troubleshooting this, I came across the following regarding required changes to Centos 7...