1. G

    Broken virtual size in mailbox

    Hi all, We had to use the transfer tool to move an account from one server to another and unfortunately since then, one mailbox of the account is having issues receiving via IMAP. Jun 9 09:49:15 NEW_SERVER dovecot: imap([email protected])<15349><SHgOca79mp0zm4YX>: Error: Mailbox INBOX...
  2. M

    SSDs, backups and Maibox vs Maildir

    We're now using Mailbox on our servers (some legacy accounts we didn't migrate as POP3 got confused on conversion and a lot of clients complained of having the messages downloaded again). This was almost mandatory as backups kept getting slower and slower and converting to mbox allowed for a lot...
  3. A

    Maildir vs mdbox? should i migrate?

    Hi happy new year to everyone, i currently have one whm server with almost 500 users, they all have like 30gb-100gb mail accounts, should i change from maildir to mdbox? which are the real advantages? of course i run everyday a backup offsite. thank you
  4. I

    Directories with these names are not allowed in Maildir

    Hi, Right now, when someone try to create an email filter, cPanel always show error notification. Directories with these names are not allowed in Maildir directories: [list,and,_*]. The condition: The email account was transferred from another non cPanel server using imapsync. The folders...
  5. egrueda

    Maildir sync between cpanel servers

    Hi! Few days ago I needed to migrate a cpanel domain with 3 addon domain, and I wanted to move those addon domains to their own account. Problem was migrating all email accounts (500+) from addon domains with all emails. I had user-access (cpanel account) to the old server and root access...