1. Auron

    Mail with attachments stuck/held in mail queue

    Hello I usually manage to search for a solution but no luck this time... For a few days now, any email being sent from my server that has an attachment is being held in the mail queue. Mail sent locally is NOT having a problem only external recipients. Mail without attachments or very small...
  2. keat63

    mail stuck in queue, can it be modified

    We have an automated system which sends out customer invoices. Occasionally, our end users may have inputted the customers email address into the automated system incorrectly. On such occasions, the invoice will get stuck in the mail queue until it falls off the end. Is it possible for me to...
  3. B

    Mail Queue Manager Workflow Suggestions

    This post has suggestions related to your WHM's Mail Queue Manager workflow. Please keep an eye on the attached image collage while reading this. Recently, one of our customers' websites was hacked and its account was sending massive amounts of spam. When visiting the Mail Queue Manager, the...
  4. O

    Safe to remove /var/spool/exim/input, msglog?

    Recently I have to cleared out /var/spool/exim/input and /var/spool/exim/msglog with find input -type f -exec rm -rf {} \; find msglog -type f -exec rm -rf {} \; After waiting a long time for those command to be finished, I'm guessing there must be 100,000 of spam in there. Why is it when I...
  5. F

    Thousands of Incoming emails frozen

    Hi, I have a dedicated server: WHM CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 standard – host WHM 62.0 (build 16) The problem is that I have more than 5,000 emails frozen in my Queue. Lot are incoming emails to domain hosted in my server. When I enter to WHM>PLUGGINS>ConfigServer Mail Queues and I try to run the que...
  6. K

    Large Exim Queue - How to speed up local delivery / remote sending

    I have on average about 80-120 (legitimate) emails sitting in Exim's queue between retries (I upped it to 10 minutes from 5 minutes because it didn't seem to make a difference), just looking for tips on how to decrease that. Due to the large number of emails in the queue it takes about 30...
  7. Osama Tariq

    Priority of processing messages in queue

    Is there something like QoS for processing queue? I have several thousand of messages in spool, most of them are bounces and spam. Can I process somehow messages matching some criteria (for example source or destination address/domain) before others?
  8. A

    Email bottlenecking and the EMail Queue

    I just moved hosts and now have a dedicated server with cPanel rather than DirectAdmin. I'm enjoying all the new features. I send out a newsletter two or three times a month to about 32,000 active subscribers to my forum. Using Interspire Email Marketer it took me about 90 minutes to send all...
  9. B

    I need push mail on whm

    Hello Is it possible to push mail on our whm centos6 server ? Regards
  10. M

    how to remove all email from a user

    Hello one of my user sent 40K email, and all them in queu i have two question: 1- how i can check/find which user send this emails? 2- how i can delete all emails in queue just for one user Thanks.
  11. M

    Delete email in queue

    Hi, We are an Email Marketing company, we send over a million emails out every month to our subscribers and are also Return Path Certified. We recently came into an issue with our server provider with AOL and have had to block emails being sent out to AOL servers by blocking our server from...
  12. R

    Emails "stuck" in queue

    I have having a problem that I've never had previously, in many years using cPanel. I deploy a newsletter from my website, let's say to 5k users. When I go to the "mail queue manager", these emails are stuck in there, a few of them are sent but the majority just sit there blocking the whole...