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    SOLVED Enable SNI for Primary Domain

    My "primary domain" is receiving an odd 421 Misredirect Error. The full error reads: " The client needs a new connection for this request as the requested host name does not match the Server Name Indication (SNI) in use for this connection. " In WHM, under the Manage SSL Host section, the...
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    In Progress [CPANEL-21761] Manage SSL Hosts page throwing 500 error

    WHM 72.0 CentOS 7.5 migrated from another server WHM 72.0 CentOS 6.1 * I CONCISED THE OP * EDIT3 / TLDR; It does the following (see attached) on EVERY SINGLE subdomain altough their parent/root domain is fine. It's worth noting that if I visit the https URL (e.g...
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    In Progress [CPANEL-14652] Make Primary link fails on Manage SSL Sites

    [I have seen this bug on cPanel 68.0.23, with and without WHM access, with and without root. Two different ISP's. Seems to be broken Javascript.] On a cPanel with add-on domains, the page SSL/TLS has a link to "Manage SSL Sites". It displays a grid of FQDN's and shows which one is "Primary."...