1. H

    mariadb reinstall

    Mariadb was corrupted. so need to uninstall it and reinstall. already taken the backups of all databases. so how to uninstall it and reinstall mariadb.??? is there any tools available for repair or reinstall mariadb
  2. L

    weird Mariadb memory usage

    We made small tweaks on my.cnf according to mysql tuner, and tuning primer, after mariadb got locktables and frooze with default cpanel my.cnf file, but i can't really figure out when the memory will be stabilize usage of mariadb or mariadb 10.5.13 of cpanel or if there a memory leak in cpanel...
  3. 7

    Please Help Me Optimize MariaDB, Database is Really Slow

    My server has really slowed down recently. I think it's due to MySQL. Please find below the results from -------- Storage Engine Statistics ----------------------------------------------------------------- [--] Status: +Aria +CSV +InnoDB +MEMORY +MRG_MyISAM +MyISAM...
  4. D

    MariaDB Alternate Mirrors

    For improved security, I've blocked the ASN for OVH as their platform is a constant source of annoyance with spam hitting my servers. Unfortunately, I've learned MariaDB hosts their repos on OVH after I noticed failed updates because of the ASN block. Can anyone recommend alternate repos for...
  5. cPanelTabby

    cPanel® Version 100 is now in RELEASE!

    cPanel® Version 100 is now in RELEASE! We are happy to announce that cPanel Version 100 has now been released to the RELEASE tier! What’s new in Version 100? So much! Some of the features we’re most excited about include: Jupiter – A Modern Theme for cPanel WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is now...
  6. N

    unix_socket=OFF | Installation of a new cPanel with MariaDB 10.5

    Hello, how are you? I notice the upgrade of Maria DB 10.5 creates a rule to turn off the UNIX sockets plugin inside. The same thing is with MySQL 5.7 on a new installation: symbolic-links=0 BUT MARIADB SUPPORT THAT, usually, the recommendation is to remove this line when you install MariaDB...
  7. M

    v98, mariadb 10.5, and remote databases

    Before I go ahead and update MariaDB from 10.3 to 10.5 can someone please confirm that 10.5 works correctly with v98 when using remote databases? Manage MySQL® Profiles still shows it only supports : MySQL versions 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0. MariaDB versions 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3. It was my...
  8. 3

    SOLVED Moving to new server no mariadb upgrade

    I have a problem and need a solution please help I'm in the middle of this. I ordered a new server to transfer all clients to. due to wanting to upgrade to cloudlinux os 8 I got up to updating MySQL to MariaDB and there is no MariaDB on the new server at the moment I have CENTOS 8.4 and Cpanel...
  9. E

    cPanel and Almalinux, can't install mariadb

    According this page cPanel & WHM version 92 for CentOS 8 | cPanel & WHM Documentation cPanel for Centos 8 (and i understand Almalinux should be the same) supports MariaDB 10.3 and system administrators have the ability to select the default database between MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10.3 only. But...
  10. cPanelTabby

    cPanel & WHM® Version 98 is now in STABLE!

    cPanel & WHM® Version 98 is now in STABLE! We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released cPanel & WHM Version 98 to the STABLE tier! What’s new in Version 98? To see what’s changing in this new version, check out the release notes, as well as the brief highlights below If you have...
  11. V

    SOLVED mariadb max_allowed_packet problem

    Hello there I set the max_allowed_packet value to 4GB for mariadb, but when mariadb is restarted, this value automatically becomes 1GB. Tweak settings > Allow cPanel & WHM to determine the best value for your MySQL max_allowed_packet configuration? setting is set to off. In my.cnf content...
  12. G

    SOLVED MariaDB upgrade to 10.5 warnings

    When I try to upgrade to MariaDB 10.5 I get the following warnings, can someone help as to whether it is safe or what I need to do?
  13. C

    Fresh installation v96 - MariaDB missing

    Hi, I'm on a new installation of v96 on CentOS 8 and when I go to select MariaDB update, only MySQL 8 it's available. I understand that when you choose one branch (MySQL or MariaDB) there's not possible change, but why on fresh installation the user cannot choose it? Also, the default...
  14. C

    Virtuozzo to kvm server, mySQL to MariaDB, PayPal PayFlow Link fails

    Webhost decided to change servers and as part of that, MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3. Also PHP 7.2 to 7.4. Tested live and test sites on php 7.4 and all worked fine. Tested all that was possible on test server prior to changeover and all was fine. Only thing that could not be tested was our online...
  15. C

    mysql 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3.29 - sql error logging issues

    My webhost is migrating clients including me to a new server and as part of that I have discovered that they have taken us from mysql 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3.29 Seems MariaDB sql error logging is a plugin [SQL Error Log Plugin] - assuming " The SQL_ERROR_LOG plugin collects errors sent to clients...
  16. G

    MySQL / MariaDB error with InnoDB on startup

    I've been dealing with a problem with InnoDB for several days now. So far it looks like the short term fix is to eliminate InnoDB entirely, but of course I think I'll just have problems again when/if someone creates a new table. It's notable that I have "innodb_force_recovery=4" set in my.cnf...
  17. WebHostPro

    Can you transfer a cPanel server with MariaDB 10.3 to a server with MySQL 8?

    We are migrating an older server that uses MariaDB 10.3 and we want to use MySQL 8 on the new server. There is about 30 cPanel accounts on the old server. Will there be any compatibility issues with default cPanel set ups? No custom software or configurations or used on MariaDB or MySQL.
  18. F

    Upgrade an empty MySQL 8 to MariaDB

    Hi, I installed Cpanel and I spent much time to configure it, But after installation and configuration I found that CPanel installed MySQL 8 as default for database Currently I don't have any database on my server but I prefer to upgrade my current MySQL to Mariadb now is there any solution to...
  19. X

    fresh v98 installation on centos 8 no MariaDB

    I'm trying to intall a new whm server over a Centos 8, the Installation concludes and I can enter to the control center, but there is no option to select the use of MariaDB, so Mysql 8 is installed instead, and becouse of the incompatibilities on mysql 8 and maria, there is no option to change...
  20. A

    How to upgrade MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10

    Hello i have a dedicated server with CloudLinux 8.3 Installed and MySQL Governor of CloudLinux Installed, cpanel version 94.0.4 My current MySQL version is : 8.0.23-cll-lve But my clients are facing some issues in it, I want to change my MySQL version. I want to switch to 10.3.28-MariaDB-cll-lve...