1. WebHostPro

    Do most Hosts use MariaDB now or do they still use MySQL?

    We are still on MySQL MySQL 5.6 but we are thinking about upgrading to MariaDB 10.0. Any issues still known from this upgrade and is most hosting services using MariaDB 10.0 now? Thanks! Charley
  2. D

    MySQL username prefix not being truncated

    I noticed recently one of our cPanel servers (v58) has stopped truncating usernames for database prefixes. This reduces the number of characters left for usernames to sometimes only a couple characters, and for longer usernames completely prevents the creation of MySQL users: What could have...
  3. O

    Please clarify Doc re: MySQL or MariaDB upgrade in WHM

    MySQL or MariaDB Upgrade - Documentation - cPanel Documentation This reads contradictory to me vis-a-vis CentOS and CloudLinux - have version numbers been left out? MUST run CentOS ... to upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB CANNOT upgrade to MariaDB on a server that uses CentOS
  4. A

    MariaDB latest update problem after upgrading to mariadb 10.1

    Hi , I've a problem, ater upgrading from mariadb 10.0 to the latest version some of websites on the server doesn't work and gives this error " Error establishing a database connection " This error appears in many websites running on the server and i don't know what i should do to fix this?
  5. E

    Do you recommend/use MariaDB or MySQL?

    Hello, As the topic asks, do you use and recommend MariaDB or MySQL for your hosting servers? (I've read a lot about the two systems, and so now I'm just curious what "real world" people thing of them.) Thanks!
  6. G

    MariaDB Problem

    Hello, i have the following Problem with MariaDB 10.0.27. When i try to make a mysqldump i got a max_allowed_packet error. So i set max_allowed_packet to 512MB in my.cnf. Then it works. But some hours later same problem, same error. But if i restart mysql, then it works again. Any idea, what...
  7. Sujoy Dhar

    MariaDB Optimization Tips

    Hi I have recently shifted to MarianDB latest version , can you please help me to optimize the MarianDB ? I will helpfull if you provide some tips and tweaks to improve the performance !
  8. S

    Downgrading From MariaDB 10.2 to 10.1

    I've installed MariaDB 10.2 using this procedure: How to Replace MySQL with MariaDB - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation But now, I want to downgrade to 10.1 since 10.2 isn't handled by cPanel / WHM. I know it's technically impossible to "downgrade" so I want to uninstall 10.2 and...
  9. M

    Error MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade (5.6 to 10.0) step 4

    The upgrade to MaraiDB went go wrong with following msg shown on the screen: This is now showing and I have actually no idea what to do next: It offers two options: Resume Current Upgrade and/or Ignore Current Upgrade. Would be nice to hear how to solve this issue.
  10. F

    Install cPanel use existing MySQL or MariaDB, Apache etc.

    Hi, Is there a way that I can install cPanel use existing MySQL or MariaDB, Apache etc. installed on my server? Thanks in advance. Regards, Fpalero
  11. S

    Problem Monitoring MariaDB Server in WHM

    I've switched from MySQL to MariaDB 10.2 using this procedure: How to Replace MySQL with MariaDB - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation Everything went smoothly and it works great. However, when I go to WHM > Service Status, it says that the MySQL Server is down although MariaDB is...
  12. S

    Upgrade from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB - how much downtime?

    How much downtime should I expect when upgrading from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB, using the WHM interface?
  13. Kent Brockman

    Failed to validate my.cnf file for version 5.6

    Hello guys! I'm interested in upgrading and old server to MariaDB 10.1 but the starting point is MySQL 5.5. When trying to upgrade to 5.6, this warning comes up: System Specific Warnings Severity: Critical Message: The system detected issues with the current “/etc/my.cnf” file. These issues may...
  14. N

    Upgrading to mariadb 10

    After upgrading from Mysql 5.5.50-cll to MariaDb 10.0 all works fine, but I have some questions. 1.- When upgrading finished, the system recommended rebuild with EasyApache 3. I did it, and I view this message mysql of the system was disabled by 'mysql' In the easy Apache options I can view...
  15. T

    MariaDB 10.0 vs 10.1

    Is there any particular reason why MariaDB 10.0 is recommended over 10.1? I am already using 10.0 with no issues but I have read that there are performance gains with using 10.1. Anyone using 10.1 run into any problems?
  16. N

    Upgrading to MariaDB without downgrade?

    Hello, I want to upgrade to MariaDB 10.0 from MySQL 5.5.50, and I can see this warning: After you upgrade MySQL/MariaDB, there is no supported way to downgrade to the previous version. but if something goes wrong or does not work,... Can I downgrade, or not?
  17. B

    MySQL(MariaDB) server is currently offline.

    Someone who can help me. I was installing MediaWiki 1.27.0, while writing the database, then while I opening phpMySQL, I found the MySQL server(the server uses MariaDB 10) is offline and nothing was witted into the SQL database. This problem often happens, and I have no way to deal with it, so...
  18. Sujoy Dhar

    Should I move to maria DB ?

    I have seen that many peoples are mentioning that Marian DB is better than MSQL so should I move to Maria DB ? Does Wordpress supports it ? Also if new user from other server want to come to my new server with msql database then what I can do to make it maria db ?
  19. T

    Mysql to mariadb plus apache 2.2 to 2.4 upgrade

    Hi all, I have a dedicated server Running CENTOS 6.7 x86_64 standard & WHM 56.0 build 9. This server is hosting for approx 30 clients. I’m wondering how I can test upgrades of MySQL to MariaDB & Apache 2.2 to 2.4 when we only have one licenced server? In the past for testing purposes I have...
  20. M

    mariaDB recpmended ?

    Hello : I want migrate to Mariadb , but after search over net , I see many complain about problem after migrate to mariadb . We are shared Hosting and this process may high risk for us. anybody see more performance in mariadb and moving to this db without problem ? thank you