1. I

    memcache extension disabled when php.ini in public_html

    Hi I'm new to cpanel and whm. I asked my hosting company to install Memcached on my vps server and they also installed the PHP memcache extension. For one account the memcache extension is somehow being disabled when the php.ini file is present in the public_html directory...
  2. L

    Memcache / memcached problems

    I have been following this guide: / Install Memcache onto cPanel running CentOS | Mr PHP in my /etc/ i have: /usr/local/lib/ In /usr/local/lib/php.ini i have enabled the extension...
  3. vlee

    Question on Memcache

    How to you remove Memcache from cPanel? There is one server I have that I need to remove it
  4. P

    Memcache and Memcached confuse

    Hello On my cpanel i was enable the memcache using easy Apache and i thought that this will work for caching static content like some images and so on. Today i was looking to install a torrent system and i was read on installation: Install memcached on the server and memcache php...
  5. D

    How to load memcache

    Hi, I have gone to software > EasyApache and selected to install "memcache" in the Exhaustive Options List but after installing it says the extention is not loaded, whats wrong? An exception occurred: The memcache extension must be loaded for using this backend ! in...
  6. D

    memcache install

    Hi, im trying to install PECL memcache, but i don't know how to do that. can somebody help me with installation, im new to cpanel. Thanks!!