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    SOLVED [CPANEL-20644] Backup failure - SQLITE_ERROR (no such table: backup_paths)

    I started getting backup errors a week or two ago, which may have coincided with an update, but I am not 100% sure on that. Could anyone please point me in the right direction as to where the problem may be? This error seems to happen every day and on a different database .db file each day...
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    SOLVED There is no registered backup in the directory

    On one server I manage, I use incremental backups and back up to a local hard drive. Since updating to WHM 70, I am seeing these warnings all the time at the top of the backup logfiles emailed to me after backups complete. My backups start at 2:00 AM, and it is at the beginning of the logfile...
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    SOLVED Backup Metadata Corruption Message in 70

    Hi.... Since one of our machines upgraded to 70 last week, backups show this error: Each time it complains about one account, different each time. Is there an issue here that needs to be addressed? /ljj