1. K

    Server Migration from MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.x

    I am planning to migrate a server running CloudLinux v7.9 and MySQL 8.0 to another server running MariaDB 10.x (preferably 10.6) using WHM Transfer Tool. Is it possible without problems due to compatibility issues with mysql 8 and mariadb 10.6? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. E

    Migration and NAT

    Hello, I have an existing installation that is connected directly to the Internet. I wish to migrate it to a new server, but soon after the migration I wish to change so the server will be behind a firewall. I saw this NAT article...
  3. H

    WHM/Cpanel Migration

    Hi All I have a VPS WHM/Cpanel Account and I am moving to a new hosting company and I need to migrate all the WHM settings and the Cpanel account and settings to the new hosting account with minimum downtime,, Does anyone have or know a good well documented step by step guide for this task?
  4. W

    Problem with Server Migration from Cpanel to Cpanel

    I am currently migrating one domain from a cpanel server to another cpanel server. It might be important to note that the OLD SERVER has Centos 7 with MariaDB 10.6. The NEW SERVER is Almalinux 8 with MYSQL 8.0. Now, before you say that is the reason, i have done migrations from the same...
  5. H


    I need to migrate one server to another server. the source server has mariadb10.2 and the destination has 10.3. So can I migrate this.?? Unfortunately, i cannot upgrade the source server to 10.3
  6. P

    CentOS 7 migration to AlmaLinux 8 and cPanel version.

    Hello, I need to do a migration from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8, my version of cPanel is 110.0.9 and here is my question - do I need to install exactly this version of cPanel (110.0.9) on the new machine or can I safely install the current one and transfer the settings and accounts? - Peter.
  7. J

    Migration to AlmaLinux easy with speed increase

    Just wanted to post that my migration to AlmaLinux went very well AND there was a huge speed increase in webpage loading. Very happy with it.
  8. E

    SOLVED After migration to AlmaLinux WordPress cURL error 77

    WordPress has been running fine on a a site for years. All that changed was Elevate from CentOS to AlmaLinux. Now WordPress is giving cURL error 77. I checked EasyApache and CURL is there, it was too I didn't have to put it back. Plugin updates all give the same error: Download failed. cURL...
  9. W

    Migration from Centos 7 with Mariadb 10.5 to Ubuntu 20.04 with Mysql 8

    I have read that Ubuntu 20.04 comes installed with MYSQL 8 and Cpanel only supports that. My origin server is currently running Mariadb 10.5 (10.6 is the latest) and i plan to use the transfer tool to move each account to the new Ubuntu server with MYSQL 8. Will I have any issues with this...
  10. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED Email fails to send after migration - urgent help please

    Hello, I'm around 2/3rds the way through a server migration. I moved a bunch of accounts over the weekend that use email heavily. At this stage most appear to have moved without issue but I have some that just refuse to accept mail from the sender and the email sits in the sender's outbox...
  11. J

    Site timing out, after server migration

    Domain: REDACTED.com Old server OS: CentOS7 New server OS: Ubuntu 20.04 WHM Access? Yes (on both servers) Relevant Details: old nameserver selection: Bind new nameserver selection: PowerDNS ("Bind is not available for your system. Please choose another nameserver configuration.") Steps taken...
  12. B

    Delete completed sessions from transfers

    How do i delete all sessions from "Review transfers and restores" that are completed, failed, or restored... I already tried this: How do I delete completed sessions in "Review Transfers and Restores"? and it didn't work. And also i followed this guide: The backup_restore_manager Script |...
  13. D

    Empty mailbox after migration with transfer tool

    Hello, I just moved my CPanel from a server to another everything went smooth exept for the mailboxes are empty !!! Any help please
  14. D

    Migration to new server almost cost us a big client

    This is really a big issue for us. We have a client that has a few VPS services with us. We needed to migrate their cPanel/WHM servers to a server running a newer version of CloudLinux. We made sure to transfer the configuration for cPanel, EasyApache and stuff like that using the transfer...
  15. M

    Reseller Migration

    Hello, I have 100 cPanel reseller accounts now I want to migrate 100 cPanel reseller accounts to my own WHM & cPanel server. Now how do I transfer full reseller account with package everything? Note: 100 cPanel Reseller account provider give me WHM username and password no root access. Also i...
  16. C

    Horde to RoundCube migration issue

    During the migration from Horde to RoundCube all of a user's email that was in the trash folder was placed back in the inbox. Any idea why this happened? It only happened to one user.
  17. H

    Migration error

    The system failed to remove “bienesraices”’s remote account archive via the API (Application Programming Interface) because of an error (pass, accesshash, or api_token is a required parameter at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/lib/perl5/cpanel_lib/cPanel/PublicAPI.pm line 139...
  18. A

    Email Migration From ONE.COM to CPANEL

    I am trying to migrate ONE.COM emails to Cpanel but facing only one issue. The emails are not showing up in inbox, sent,junk. It only shows a (NO SUBJECT) mail in the inbox. I have checked mail permissions are all correct also I try to with the REPAIR MAILBOX PERMISSION but my issue is still not...
  19. O

    Suggestions on server migration

    I had no issues with my test server migration from Centos 7 to Rocky linux 8.6. I waited a couple hours for domain to resolve to new IP address. I would like any suggestions to improve the process but here are the steps I took: 1. I let WHM automatically create a hostname on the new server 2...
  20. J

    General Mysql and Maria and MySQLi extension for PHP question

    CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD kvm cPanel Version 106.0.9 I have a number of sites that are using MySQL 5.7.40. When trying to migrate to php 8 the follow error appears on the website page with error reporting enabled. The MySQLi extension for PHP is not installed or enabled. I use the WHM...