1. S

    How to go serverless with cPanel? A bit tired of site migrations after Linux versions hit EOL

    Hi All, I'm definitely not expecting immediate answers or solutions here... although that would be nice! So this is more of a conversation starter. Our company has been a cPanel/WHM customer for over 20 years, and we've seen a fair few major Linux kernel versions over that time, including the...
  2. H

    Account Migrations

    How to restore the accounts with a directadmin backup file. Is it possible.?
  3. andrew.n

    SafeAdmin Certified EmergencySupport - System Administrator Services with a Personal Touch

    EmergencySupport - Server Management & One-time Support Services Are you tired of the big server management companies? Different agents every time? Long waiting times? I offer you a hassle-free server management service for one affordable price which covers everything you may need...
  4. L

    SOLVED Moving cpanel

    So we have moved cPanel to a new server with a new IP, no change to name servers (we have a license for both) with intention of closing one down, we have migrated all accounts over to the new server, then turned the old one off, none of the sites work once this happens, not sure if it will take...
  5. S

    IP Migrations Wizard - 2 issues observed

    I'm in the process of migrating website IPs (both shared and dedicated) to a new subnet on the same server. I've run into 2 issues so far. First issue, and most critical. I found migrating customers that manage their own DNS externally (ie, godaddy, network solutions,etc) breaks their website...
  6. O

    Problems are migrations.

    So, I thought I was doing really well after configuring solusVM, setting up a VPS installing cPanel. Migrating from my previous host to this one, set up and forwarded to my server, however after migration I am facing the issue of "500 internal server error"? Can any one please help me...
  7. G

    Free Migrations Question

    I noticed the support team offer free migrations. Does that include a migration of one cpanel server to a new server to decommission the first server? My server company said they will set up new hardware on the same rack so I can move my server in a couple of months to new hardware.
  8. B

    Addon Domains and Migrations

    Hello, I've been using cPanel now on my servers for quite sometime and have much praise to give the coders behind cPanel. Its obviously a very complex and large software challenge and you guys do a good job. After many years of using cPanel I'd really like to give some feedback...