1. R

    Suspected Litespeed Lazyload Not Painting til Move Mouse or Touch Screen on Mobile

    Anyone seen this before? Hit page and nothing loads until you move the mouse on desktop or touch the screen on mobile. Desktop is less noticeable because naturally I move the mouse around slightly while I'm waiting for page to load haha. But mobile it's easy to notice, nothing shows until touch...
  2. O

    Horde UI pop up overlay (z-index) issue on mobile browser

    I don't know if this is a correct place to ask. My clients are using webmail on mobile browser and they are using Horde interface. The problem is, they can't attach files or download the attachments because when they tap attachment, the side drawer comes into the screen and the drawer...
  3. dzamanakos

    problem with roundcube in mobile

    Hi, i got some tickets from users that they cant delete, reply to all etc when using roundcube from their mobile devices. I logged in with my account (safari + chrome) and see that when clicking the 3 dot menu all the settings are grey out and when clicking in the popup it closes. Users told me...
  4. E

    Problems with dispaly web site on mobile devices

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version v86.0.21. I have a user with his website. When we opened his website on Google Chrome, IE via dsl access internet it works. But when we look via mobile internet first page dispay blanc, it doesn´t work. Is problem with cPanel or user´s website? Every other...
  5. M

    cpanel mobile application.

    A few months ago I had on my mobile (android) the official cPanel application, I changed my mobile and now when I look for the app I see that it is no longer available for download. Can be?
  6. Tarak Nath

    cPanel & WHM Mobile App for Android Mobile Phone?

    Hello, Is there any secured, trusted and safe Android App to manage WHM/cPanel ? Thank you ! Regards, Tarak Nath
  7. A

    Apple iOS push port 2195

    i have problem with apple iOS push notification port 2195. i think it blocked because when i try to send push notification it give connection time out
  8. J

    iOS Email login fails consistantly

    Yesterday afternoon I noticed hundreds of Delivery Failure messages flowing in with thousands of email addresses listed as attempted. Of course, I did not send any of these emails. The error was something about a maximum of 150 emails would be send per hr. There was a spammy looking attachment...
  9. L

    Do AIM & ICQ notification to mobile app still work in WHM?

    I am setting up a new server with cPanel/WHM. Do AIM & ICQ notification to mobile app still work? I found someone mentioned the port for ICQ is 5190. What about AIM?
  10. M

    mobile apps in android or apple?

    Is anyone know there is mobile apps in android or apple for this CP webmail? I couldn't find any related apps in the btw,Is the mobile apps will received notification once any email coming? Really appreciate whoever can solved my problem. Thanks
  11. A

    My server is being really strange, websites load on pc but looked hacked on a mobile

    Hi there, I am new to the forum good day to all! I have been using cpanel and WHM for about 5-6 years now and today im having a huge problem, mycpadmin can not help me, my ISP does not have a clue It seems like a simple dns problem ill explain it now On a PC using wifi, the websites on my...
  12. R

    SSL for mobile Devices

    Can anyone recommend a ssl certificate that works with mobile devices? RapidSSL does not work with iOS and Android.
  13. C

    Mobile WHM Login Error - IP Has Changed

    The new Mobile Browser feature of WHM was a great idea indeed. The only issue I keep having on servers that I mange is that when I use my Blackberry to access WHM I get an error that states "IP Has Changed" after login. This is likely because of the proxy system used through Blackberry, BIS...
  14. B

    browsing whm/cpanel UI through mobile android device (problems connecting)

    I'm having this really strange problem. I recently got an android device (Motorola Droid) and when I try to access any cpanel/whm control panel through the browser I get a connection error. At first I thought it was just that, a connection issue. But I connected through 3G/WiFi with the same...
  15. J

    Broken Links in WHM using Mobile Device

    I know there was a bug # 3479 for this issue but it was posted on 2005-11-07 and last updated on 2007-06-14 so does anyone know the status of it? When I access WHM using my Blackberry almost all the links are dead. I am using WHM 11.24.2. Thanks!
  16. M

    Set up a domain mirror for mobile webite

    I don't know exactly how to do this and I have read a lot but nothing really applies. I want to set up a domain for mobile that mirrors my original site say how do I do this. I have a script that trims all the fat if the site is at the mobile domain so I know the coding...
  17. R

    Mobile WAP Server Status Script...

    Hello all, I've created a WAP based server status script so that you can view your site status/server status through your mobile phone. Im releasing it free as I find it useful and someone else may also. Here you go: Regards, Red.
  18. W

    Mobile Access

    Does anyone know of a way to access WHM on a Palm running OS 5. I have a tungsten t that I connect to my bluetooth phone. I would like to be able to view the WHM screen from my PDA. However the built in web browser doesn't work with WHM (Web Pro). Support Ticket Number: