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    In Progress [CPANEL-18576] Cannot disable mod_bwlimited (requires MPM, endless loop)

    Hello, Each time I disable mod_bwlimited under Apache Modules, it asks me to choose an MPM. When I pick one (any of the 4 available), mod_bwlimited is automatically enabled again. Disabling it requires me again to choose an MPM, so we're in an endless loop here. I'm on CentOS 7, WHM v76.0.18...
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    Issue After cPanel installation with (Apache not starting & mod_bwlimited)

    Hi, As somewhat of an amateur to the world of CentOS, I dont have the great experience required to solve the issue i have. I have upgraded my server from a general Ultimate Hosting plan with go daddy to a Dedicated server and i have had to install cPanel myself. I am faced with the following...
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    Query regarding mod_bwlimited module

    I want to know about mod_bwlimited. Is this cPanel’s built in module? How can I enable it?
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    mod_bwlimited is it required by anything?

    Hello, I have no need to limit bandwidth usage on the server, will disabling mod_bwlimited affect anything else? Thanks
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    Can you provide all parameters supported by mod_bwlimited of apache server?
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    mod_bwlimited where did this come from?

    Where did the Apache module mod_bwlimited come from? Is this a Cpanel module. I found the source code at /usr/local/apache/mod_bwlimited.c but no documentation. Is this one of the reasons Apache 2.x has been taking so long? I need to limit the number of socket connections per client IP...
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    mod_bwlimited and mod_log_bytes Install

    Hi, How do I go about installing mod_bwlimited and mod_log_bytes? I had to make some some software upgrades to apache, and aparently those 2 mods got overwritten somehow. Thanks! Regards, Ron Johnson
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    He would like to know how to configure the mod_bwlimited to limit it numbers of connections in a certain paste. :confused:
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    Updating mod_bwlimited

    In WHM news it says 1.4 is the lated bwlimited ver, but i have 1.2...i tried upgrading server software, backend scripts, rebuilding apache and it isnt do i do it?
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    Is mod_bwlimited ...

    is mod_bwlimited just a WHM/cPanel thing? If it is not, where can i get more info about it? Support Ticket Number:
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    Does anyone know what exactly mod_bwlimited does? What purpose it serves? A customer brought up something else today, but that was mentioned and I realized I don't exactly know what it does. I've looked up on google and get a good number of php info pages, then on google groups a few people...