1. M

    mod_evasive issues

    I was facing a DDOS attack and installed mod_evasive. Ran into a few issues, some related to configuration (so I'll indicate how I've solved them, for others that face the same issue), some I think are bugs in mod_evasive. ISSUE 1 (bug?): Setting DOSBlockingPeriod in...
  2. S

    mod_evasive and HTTP/2

    I've after some advice on using mod_evasive along with HTTP/2 and mod_mpm_event. The server primarily hosts WordPress sites, and I've found the standard mod_evasive config causes issues, especially when logged into WordPress. Blocking individual files with 404s. I've set DOSPageCount to 12...
  3. S

    Disable mod_evasive for single site?

    I have a cPanel v94.0.11 server with Apache. It has mod_evasive for some rate throttling. It works fine. I simply need to know how to disable mod_evasive for a single website. I don't need to whitelist an external IP. I want to somehow have anything incoming to a specific domain I host to...
  4. Otávio Serra

    [CPANEL-19869] Apache mod_evasive permissions

    Hi, I have enabled mod_evasive in EasyApache 4 and Apache 2.4 and etc. But when I try to restart Apache via command line it throws a lot of permission's denied errors messages like: [[email protected] apache2]# /scripts/restartsrv_apache ... Sep 24 12:09:04 server.tld mod_evasive[7963]: Couldn't...
  5. N

    ModEvasive Sending Email Alerts

    I have installed ModEvasive on EA4. Mod is working correctly and blocks DDOS attacks. But it doesn't trigger any email. I have correctly mentioned DOSEmailNotify in .conf file. Also the log file are not shows any thing. What can be the issue ?
  6. E

    mod_evasive too aggressive

    I've installed mod_evasive on my server. I'm trying to increase the limits to allow users to open multiple links at once without being blocked. No matter how high I set the limits they are still blocked after a few links. I've set 300-mod_evasive.conf to: LoadModule evasive24_module...
  7. I

    SOLVED mod_evasive causes error 500 in WHM

    Hello, not sure this is the right forum. When enabling mod_evasive on Centos 7.3 WHM 66.0.18 it will result in an error 500 when accessing the WHM login page through its web address. The login will work fine when accessing the WHM login page through the server IP. Any ideas how to solve this?
  8. S

    mod_evasive settings in whm

    i have installed mod_evasive and its saying to "cPanel users can edit /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/post_virtualhost_2.conf or use the Apache Configuration option in WHM." i tried to open usr/local/apache/conf/includes/post_virtualhost_2.conf buts its totally blank file i have to add...
  9. J

    mod_evasive, strange error when trying to install

    Getting this on the final step: [/usr/local/src/mod_evasive]# /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs -cia mod_evasive20.c /usr/local/apache/build/libtool --silent --mode=compile gcc -prefer-pic -DLINUX=2 -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -pthread -I/usr/local/apache/include...
  10. isputra

    Is mod_evasive still reliable to prevent DDOS ?

    I asked this question because some reason that i read on several article i found when search on google : 1. This is an old module and not maintained anymore 2. This module will block search engine's spider and will lower pagerank 3. This module blocking system can't use to colaborate with...
  11. O

    Need some httpd.conf advice for mod_evasive

    Hi, I have installed mod_evasive and need to insert some lines into /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file. I have seen so many different methods so I'm unsure of the exact method which is relevant for my server. The readme file for mod_evasive says that I need to add this to the httpd.conf for...
  12. R


    Hi, I am new to cpanel. I have gone through the easyapache (Software > Update Apache) route to install GD, mbstring ... and mod_security. I added some mod_security rules but I am now wondering about mod_evasive. I would like to add it but I am wary about manually adding it in case any future...
  13. L


    Well, I have managed to successfully install mod_evasive, but I see IPs getting blocked without DDoS attack... The server is new, just a couple of clients being hosted and I haven't been DDoSed yet, thankfully. Shouldn't it only block if there is an attack? I guess I would have to play around...
  14. benito

    Removing MOD_EVASIVE

    Hello ! How can i remove the mod_evasive module? I cant manually edit httpd.conf file to remove this line: LoadModule evasive20_module modules/
  15. J

    mod_evasive install, then strange entry found in httpd.conf

    Anyone seen this one before? I just installed mod_evasive on a server running Apache 2.2 then found this stuff down around line #88 or so of the httpd.conf ---------------------------------------------- <IfModule mod_evasive20.c> LoadModule auth_passthrough_module...
  16. B

    Problems installing mod_evasive

    I am running the latest cpanel/whm with apache 1.3.37 and I downloaded the latest mod_evasive 1.10.1, untarred to a temp folder, entered that folder and ran "/usr/sbin/apxs -iac mod_evasive.c" but below is the output. Any suggestions? /mnt/Downloads/mod_evasive# /usr/sbin/apxs -iac...
  17. A

    mod_evasive to fight httpd ddos

    Hi, Someone attacked one of the server I am managing recently. That server is stand alone apache server with very high traffic. It does not have cpanel installed. So, I installed dos_evasive on this fedora core 4 server. The thing is, to compile dos_evasive into apache, I need to have...
  18. X

    Mod_Evasive Front End

    I know Jonathan (Chirpy) created a very nice front end for MailScaner, does anyone know if a front end exists for mod_evasive yet? If not it's cool, I can still use the CLI but it would be nice :)
  19. Vatoloco

    mod_evasive for DOS attacks - Does it require your logs be enabled?

    I've heard this is a good program to use to stop some DOS attacks but I'm wondering what is required to have it work properly. What is it checking to be able to detect and ban the IP's? Does it require a firewall to be installed? I've disabled the CustomLog and BytesLog for my domain because...
  20. nyjimbo

    Is mod_evasive workable with Frontpage extensions ?

    I read several times here that installing mod_evasive in Apache can kill frontpage extensions. Does anyone know exactly what goes wrong. Can you install mod_evasive and get it to work with FP. Seems like a nice mod to have but my clients would hunt me down and kill me if it hurt their frontpage...