1. V

    SOLVED ZC-9104 - Ubuntu mod_lsapi support

    Hi there I can't see mod_lsapi packages among easyapache4 apache modules on the cpanel test server I installed on ubuntu.
  2. Spirogg

    How to install CloudLinux's mod_lsapi PRO on cPanel

    Hello can you Tell me if this is specific to Cloudlinux servers only? or Can we implement this on (example - CentOS 7 server with cPanel or AlmaLinux server with cPanel) - it does not specify in the how to section. so I am just wondering. Thanks Spiro
  3. Y

    Recommended MaxConnectionsPerChild value for mod_lsapi

    According to an article here it says " Setting a MaxConnectionsPerChild limit is a specific method for assuring Apache is periodically recycling programs to reduce the impact of leaked memory on the system. When using external code handlers like Mod_fcgid, PHP-FPM or mod_lsapi, it becomes...
  4. P

    Did Mod_lsapi supports with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed ?

    Hello Buddies , in my server , CloudLinux and LiteSpeed are Installed , did I need to install Mod_lsapi ? Will it help me to speed up and fast websites hosted on my server ? Please explain and give your suggestion.
  5. G

    What could cause this lsphp process(hign CPU usage)

    In my cPanel I see very high CPU usage. There are a bunch of lsphp processes and lsphp:my_domain/my_site/index.php which consumes N/A of CPU. What's interesting is that this process name is lsphp:omain/my_site/index.php instead of lsphp:my_domain/my_site/index.php. So it just skips the first 3...
  6. D


    Our servers are all running CentOS7 with mod_ruid2. Is there any reason not to move them to mod_lsapi?
  7. V

    mod_lsapi without CloudlInux

    Is it possible to publish mod_lsapi as an experimental version alone? I don't use cloudlinux and I want to use mod_lsapi, who don't use cloudlinux can manually install experimental repo.