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    ModEvasive Sending Email Alerts

    I have installed ModEvasive on EA4. Mod is working correctly and blocks DDOS attacks. But it doesn't trigger any email. I have correctly mentioned DOSEmailNotify in .conf file. Also the log file are not shows any thing. What can be the issue ?
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    mod_evasive and Wordpress

    Just a heads up for anyone thinking of installing mod_evasive (using EasyApache) on a server running Wordpress. I saw the news this week that mod_evasive was available to install using EasyApache, so I gave it a try. All seemed good for a day or so, until I needed to do some edits in the...
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    SOLVED mod_evasive causes error 500 in WHM

    Hello, not sure this is the right forum. When enabling mod_evasive on Centos 7.3 WHM 66.0.18 it will result in an error 500 when accessing the WHM login page through its web address. The login will work fine when accessing the WHM login page through the server IP. Any ideas how to solve this?