1. M

    SOLVED Rename prefixed databases and database users

    Hi, I'm trying to remove/uncheck option "Rename prefixed databases and database users" from WHM Home »Account Functions »Modify an Account But I'm getting: "You must change at least one value in order to save" Any idea?
  2. G

    Change account to a new domain

    I have an account set up on WHM for a .CO domain, and I have 100+ other domains parked on top of it. I never market the .CO, though, so it's mainly just been for internal usage. I was recently able to buy the .NET version of my domain, and I would like to set it up to be the main domain for the...
  3. S

    In Progress [CPANEL-23771] Modifying a users main domain removes ftp A record from the DNS Zone

    when we change the domain through the modify an account menu, we check after the changed domain we see in the zone menu for the FTP record to be deleted, is that right?
  4. Mat-d-rat

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20670] Modify Account fails with previously used domains

    I needed to swap the primary domain of an account from .fyi to .live. Initially it wouldn't let me as the .live was already setup, so as the domain is not a live site, I deleted the .live domain from cpanel then went back to the modify an account and I was able to change the primary domain (the...
  5. V

    php-fpm disabled after modifying account

    Hello When php-fpm is active on the server, php-fpm is disabled on that account when we change the username in the accounts. When php-fpm is active on the server, does php-fpm need to be active again for that account in such a process?
  6. H

    In Progress [CPANEL-26496] Changing theme style via CLI causes display caching issues

    Hello, If a user changes their style via the cPanel interface, the cache is busted and the new style takes effect immediately. However if we change a user's style using the modify_accounts script, a hard refresh is required to clear the cache. This script should also trigger a cache bust in...
  7. A

    Changing the primary domain email question

    Hello I'm concerned about losing emails during changing my primary domain, Lets say I have and there's an email associated with this domain [email protected] .. If I want to change my domain and purchase a new one, Is the old emails that I received on [email protected]
  8. J

    Duplicate DNS Entries after domain change

    Issue (occurs on 5 different WHM servers): We are finding the webmail, autodiscover, autoconfig and dev entries are being duplicated when you modify the account by changing the domain name. While the DNS still works the file is technically invalid. Also note: if the original details are...
  9. G

    SOLVED change domain ownership

    Hello i make mistake with dns... First i tried to change primary domain on account but i got error that DNS already exist so i remove from dns zone but ( i had i subdomains on that domain )... And i tried to remove from addon domain, but i can't because subdomains, i tried to remove subdomains...
  10. D

    Move Blog From Sub Domain to Main Domain

    Hello friends, I have a similar situation, therefore seeking assistance. My primary domain ( already has a blogger blog, and I have created a wordpress blog on a subdomain in cpanel ( and migrated blogger-hosted data into the new server. Now all i want to do is switch...