1. E

    How to enable temporary URL in cPanel?

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 80.0.22. I want to access URL https://domain and https://IP address of cPanel/~fred fred is cPanel Username. This is important for my user in case of their domain is not yet registered, to access temporary URL. Best regards, Elizabeta
  2. M

    temp address no longer working

    Hi all, I have noticed recently that the temp address is no longer working for example Actual address: Temp address: 123.321.123.321/~examplec When this is visited it comes up with the 404 page not found. does anyone have any ideas on this one? Thanks
  3. Tarak Nath

    SOLVED Unable to execute any php or html file

    Hello, We can able to execute any html or php file via or but not able to do the same through domain like or or Can you suggest whats going wrong with our server please...
  4. Tarak Nath

    SOLVED Magento Admin menu icon missing

    Hello, We have uploaded the Magento 2.2.5 site through IP URL (temporarily) but the backend admin menu icon is missing. Please find the attached screenshot. Is there any server related issue in admin backend as there is no issue in frontend. Please help us if...
  5. M

    How to enable mod_userdir?

    So I have been wracking my brain all day. I can not figure out for the life of me why I can not visit the ipaddress/~accountname to view the files on that cpanel account. I have fallowed every tutorial and forum post I can find. I have already disabled mod_userdir Protection under the...
  6. D

    Accessing website with ip/~user requires more CPU resources?

    Hello, I'm load testing my website with apache benchmark. I think that numbers are really bad. I've not associated the domain name to my VPS, so I access the website with IP/~user. Can this require, somehow, more resources? I've a VPS with 4GB Ram, 4vCPU. Wordpress with 0 plugin other than the...
  7. Nicola Urbinati

    SOLVED site preview not working

    Hi, Trying to enable the preview of some site I'm transfering from another server, but they aren't working: "Not enabled" error is showing. I'm working with suPHP + FPM, and I think I properly set mod_userdir and open_basedir. What else can I check? How can I access a php_info file, while all...
  8. E

    Setting up a VirtualHost Proxy

    I want to setup a virtual host proxy for a NodeJS application running on an account. I'm accessing the account by http://(IP ADDRESS)/~dev The NodeJS application is running web Express on port 3000. I went in to Apache Configuration > Include Editor > Pre VirtualHost Include > All Versions...
  9. V

    Enabling Temporary Links and .htaccess Rewrite Rules

    Good afternoon everyone, I have just purchased a VPS as I am a Freelance Website Developer and plan to grow in the next year or so; hence the upgrade as I need stability. I use a bespoke PHP content management system which uses several Rewrite Rules via .htaccess and since migration I cannot...
  10. C

    Accessing website through IP Isn't working

    Hello, I have a server with mod_security disabled and i still cannot access the websites through the ip/~username . Which more features can disable that? Thanks!
  11. A

    mod_userdir Showing Not Supported Error on PHP Files

    I Access The Web from the Ip Address like http://xx.xx.xx.xx/~cpaneluser. In this i can able to access html file but when I try to open .php file it's show "Not Supported Error" so please help me to solve this issues. Hear i have cPanel/WHM Both Access and it's hosted on the Amazon AWS EC2.
  12. T

    Enabling mod_userdir question

    Hi I'm being told that if I want to view my domains like this 166.**.80.**8/~fred/ I need to do the below. I am using WHM CENTOS 6.9 v66.0.34 Any idea on how I can accomplish this? Thanks mod_userdir is disabled Web server processes on this system currently run as the user. For...
  13. M

    userdir works but domain name doesn't

    Hi, I've installed the latest version of cPanel / WHM and CLOUDLINUX 7.4 and the installation appeared to go through fine without any errors. I then configured a new domain name to point to my nameservers. When I ping the new domain name it successfully resolves to the IP address of the host...
  14. J

    Software Install

    I'm trying to use a temporary url for a host (ip / ~ user) but it gives me the "unsupported" error. During an internet search I saw that the solution was in "Apache mod_userdir Tweak", but I can not find anywhere. How do I install it?
  15. D

    Apache mod_userdir Tweak causes account suspension

    CLOUDLINUX 7.4 standard cpanel v66.0.23 in development I always access sites by user name ( and all of the sudden over the past week all accounts I access by username show SUSPENDED. Enable mod_userdir Protection is CHECKED and I have tried to EXCLUDE...
  16. W

    Quitar ~ de url

    Hola mi duda es la siguiente: Porque en las url me pone el nombre de usuario de cpanel ejemplo Esto me pasa en las busquedas de google, aparecen las rutas así cómo puedo solucionarlo
  17. S

    after enable dso getting error

    after enabled dso using easyapache 4 getting following error on all sites under the server Not Found The requested URL /cgi-sys/ea-php56/index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. any...
  18. A

    mod_userdir / mod_rewrite issues

    I'm not sure what happened but my sites in development I've been using mod_userdir and mod_rewrite to run wordress sites from and all has been working fine until a few weeks ago. I can still access ~username for the homepage, but none of the permalinks work except...
  19. Kent Brockman

    SOLVED mod_userdir broken since cPanel 66

    Hello guys, I want to report a possible bug starting on cPanel 66: since the upgrade from version 64, all the IP/hostname accesses that used to work normally are now showing the "not supported" message. This must be something broken in this release. I noticed this happens specifically with...
  20. B

    The server could not locate the document you requested

    Hello All, Aim: I have cloned a Cpanel VM to have test environment with new IP is assigned licences is enabled on test VM We have successfully enabled CPanel WHM . Case: i have created a test account (test) and copied /home/test/public_html/ simple index to file to test website check...