1. Tarak Nath

    SOLVED mongoDB in cPanel

    Hello, We know that mongoDB is not supported in cPanel. But we need to develop a Laravel project with mongoDB and that's why we have installed mongoDB 3.6. Everything is working fine as expected through root user. Below are the mongoDB info: ========== [email protected] [/]# mongod -version db...
  2. F

    cPanel is killing mongodb proccess?

    Dear, **** I installed mongodb and replicaset in cPanel 11.40, after a few hours the mongodb (replicaset) receives a kill signal and ends. I have looked everywhere and do not know what might be killing my process. May give some clue? Thank you
  3. R

    mongoDB settings ...plz help ?

    Hello , I have an MongoDB database from here --> My Web Hosting provider --> (using cpanel) I need help to do this :- 1) extension=php_mongo.dll at php.ini file [Cannot access php.ini file] How can I do it ? 2) Restart the server [ And this too ? ]...