1. H

    MongoDB supports in CPanel or not

    MongoDB supports in CPanel or not
  2. H

    Mongodb plugin installtion

    hi , how we can install mongoDB Databases plugin on a cpanel server ? i see some servers with these options : is there a premium plugin for it ? i know cpanel not supports MongoDB databases officially . Thanks - Hossein .
  3. Y

    Deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB

    I want to know the steps to deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB in Cloud Linux Node JS app creator. I've installed Mongo DB and created the database.
  4. Tarak Nath

    SOLVED mongoDB in cPanel

    Hello, We know that mongoDB is not supported in cPanel. But we need to develop a Laravel project with mongoDB and that's why we have installed mongoDB 3.6. Everything is working fine as expected through root user. Below are the mongoDB info: ========== [email protected] [/]# mongod -version db...
  5. F

    cPanel is killing mongodb proccess?

    Dear, **** I installed mongodb and replicaset in cPanel 11.40, after a few hours the mongodb (replicaset) receives a kill signal and ends. I have looked everywhere and do not know what might be killing my process. May give some clue? Thank you
  6. R

    mongoDB settings ...plz help ?

    Hello , I have an MongoDB database from here --> My Web Hosting provider --> (using cpanel) I need help to do this :- 1) extension=php_mongo.dll at php.ini file [Cannot access php.ini file] How can I do it ? 2) Restart the server [ And this too ? ]...