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    Install Nagios

    Hello, I want to install Nagios on my server for monitoring and supervision. I have a server for web hosting, with the control panel WHM/cPanel, there is any specifications that I have to consider before I start the installation?
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    Downtime Domain

    Hi, Is it possible we can check downtime for each domain in cpanel? If possible please show me how. Thanks.
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    Monitoring cPanel/WHM backup status

    Hello Guys, I have been using cPanel for years and I have 9-10 servers. I take backup of all servers and move to FTP server. Each web server have different FTP server. Now, I want to monitor the backup status of my servers. I do receive emails alerts from system but email alerts can be ignored...
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    Server monitoring software

    Hi, i had 35 Centos Servers, so i want to know if there are any window based or web based, paided or free software to monitor my servers health, services, updates and any other options. Thanks in advance.