1. S

    Server monitoring software

    Hi, i had 35 Centos Servers, so i want to know if there are any window based or web based, paided or free software to monitor my servers health, services, updates and any other options. Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    Lot of failed process Over 200 monitoring mails in 3 h

    The service “imap” appears to be down. The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down. The service “ftpd” appears to be down. The service “nscd” appears to be down. The service “exim” appears to be down. The service “spamd” appears to be down. Whm and Cpanel Refusing connection. All sites working...
  3. G

    cPanel Monitoring error?

    Hi, I receive at least 2-3 times a week an email saying that my server ran out of memory. It is always when an Incremental Backup is being made. I was planning on adding some ram but then I saw on the email : Status Out of Memory ⚠ Memory Information Used 1.28 GB Available 5.62 GB...
  4. M

    changing monitoring thresholds

    I'm getting email alerts "DISKWARN ⚠: / (xx.xx.xx.xx): 22.78 GB/28.97 GB - 83%" that are waking me up at night for things that don't need my attention. I want to change how it notifies me, but the manual for cPanel/WHM seems only have "turn on/off" and "send by email/icq/aim/sms" How do I...
  5. L

    repeating nscd monitoring messages after update to

    Hello, After the update to early yesterday, my /var/log/messages file has started logging repeated nscd monitoring messages. These go on and on.. Has anyone else seen this, or is there a solution? messages:Oct 13 04:12:16 mic nscd: 13454 monitoring directory `/etc` (2)...
  6. O

    cPanel Monitoring & Management

    Hey Guys, I am quite new to server management having always had reseller accounts for all my clients. Now taking on the role of server admin of a dedicated server, and having had several customer account compromises already - I am looking at ways to make my life easier. What do you guys use to...
  7. keat63

    server monitoring

    Are there any cost effective solutions for server monitoring. The boss now has a bee in his bonnet over our outage at the weekend. I don't want to monitor the csf emails, as there are far too many of them to be pestered every 30 minutes. This would drive me insane. I only really want to monitor...
  8. A

    Tool or script to monitoring BW domains - live

    Hi, I wonder like to know if there any script or tool to monitor in live use BW of all domains. I saw "Bandwidth usage" but it is a global resume not in that moment. I use munin, cacti, etc... but if I see a lot of BW usage I don't know which domain is using it. Thanks in advance Kind Regards
  9. A

    Monitoring of cPanel releases.

    I need monitor cPanel releases and get notifications about cPanle releases. Perhaps there is some notification service that cpanel has? Or some web-site which I can use for monitoring of release by script?
  10. N

    Server load and website monitoring

    Hello, I'm looking for a cPanel/WHM monitoring service that will monitor bandwidth, CPU, RAM etc. usage for servers AND websites. I want to know exactly which website on a server is causing problems. And it also needs to have an API so we can automatically create new monitors. I've been...
  11. I

    WHM and monitoring services

    Does WHM supports any monitoring services like Paessler or Anturis? Thanks
  12. brianc

    Change to Bandwidth monitoring?

    I have a number of servers that run mailing lists. Since last April, a number of these accounts' bandwidth usage has dramatically increased. The mail volume on these servers has not change and yet accounts that use to generate 15 or 20 megabytes of bandwidth in a month are all of a sudden...
  13. A

    Monitoring web and database servers using cPanel

    Greetings, I'm new to cPanel (never used it) and about to have my first website. We have a LAMP stack with 2 instances of MySQL in master-slave replication setup. We are going to use Tomcat for Apache Solr (for search) in the near future I wish to know if its possible to monitor Apache, both...
  14. F

    Monitoring a specific port through cPanel without root access to the server

    All, I have a site with a dedicated IP address, but it's not hosted on a dedicated server, nor do i have root access to the server. I wanted to know if there was a way to monitor a specific port, for data being sent in, and then pipe the data strings to a PHP file. From there, i plan on...
  15. G

    Server Monitoring

    Hello Team, I want Linux (Centos) server monitoring command. Please help me. Thanks is advance.
  16. C

    network monitoring tool

    hi all Dear friends, need a tool for monitoring network connections like iptraf but more detail. On the server installed CentOS with cpanel. Maybe in cpanel there is a similar solution? With best regards, Karen.
  17. G

    Help me for monitoring server...!

    Hello Guys and Girls, I am working hosting company as Technical Support. I am working on server monitoring. Please help me how to monitor server load? how to take care server? How to reduce a server load? Which service check daily? Which command help me to reduce server load? Please...
  18. ES - George

    Service Monitoring

    Hi, Here is what services are currently being monitored. I have two questions. 1) Does it use more CPU/memory or whatever to monitor each service? 2) Which of these would you recommend I disable or are their any that I should enable? Thanks.
  19. Chriz1977

    Server monitoring

    Hi Can anyone recomend any decent server monitoring software. Stuff to monitor email logs Cpanel logs,shoutcast, etc? Cheers Chris
  20. H

    Can someone recommend a good remote server monitoring software?

    Hello cP, I manage my CentOS/cPanel machine through my Windows XP machine. Is there any software for Windows that can log into my server and display real-time status, such as load, memory usage, and such? I know this is available through WHM and cPanel, but I'd rather have a stand alone...