1. H

    SNMP Monitoring

    We have SNMP development experience and I am looking to write an application to poll for specific SNMP data. Our VPS has gone down a few times recently and we would like to be able monitor and collect data ourselves. Any help on setting up SNMP on CPanel would be appreciated. Jason
  2. M

    Monitoring additional services

    Hi Fairly new to using Linux and I'm trying to monitor some additional services in the WHM. I have done some searches on here and managed to get so far but I'm now stuck. What I have setup so far: In the WHM service manager I have the following new services being monitored: In...
  3. upsforum

    munin and virtual host monitoring

    Hi all, is possible use munin for monitor each virtual host in whm admin?
  4. D

    Monitoring Mongrel Instance. It's possible?

    Hi, I have a cpanel's server with some Ror applications. The problem is, when for any reason a mongrel instance die... it's stays dead. I tried to use monit.. and for a while it worked... but after the number of instances growup, it's not working ok anymore and it's very exhaustive to...
  5. F

    metered bandwidth monitoring for root user

    Hi, I have a dedicated server with metered monthly bandwidth. Is there an area within the root-WHM to put this limit for user root? This way it will prevent the root from exceeding the allocated bandwidth. Thanks Fredy
  6. P

    Monitoring server load?

    We've been experiencing a high load on one of our servers lately and I'm trying to figure out the cause. Is there something built into WHM or a plugin that can be added that will log the CPU usage of various services (http, mysql, exim, etc) and then show the % of the load attributed to each...
  7. Drake

    Chkservd... ? Change monitoring intervals

    Hello, Re: Chkservd monitoring intervals. Any suggestions for changing the monitoring intervals for some of the various services? Say for instance, I only want Chkservd to check on FTPD every hour? But I still want all of the other services to be checked at their regular intervals. I...
  8. D

    Turn off bandwidth monitoring

    How can I turn off bandwidth monitoring module in cpanel?
  9. N

    Monitoring process spawning

    Is there a way to monitor what users (and from what location) are running a process, for example perl? I need to track down who's spawning 'spoof' processes that are actually perl scripts. I was thinking of some kind of script to replace /usr/bin/perl that logs the action and then passes it...
  10. fazexx

    Service Monitoring?

    I have a dedicated server with cPanel/WHM installed. I am familiar with apps like Nagios and Host Monitor, but Host Monitor is Windows only, and Nagios is a very complex setup, that I'm not even going to get into. So my question is this: Does WHM have anything built in to monitor services like...
  11. W

    software for monitoring websites

    anyone can suggest a software for monitoring websites on server? It can list all websites which is using cpu and memory.. I see there is a lot of choices on But I don't know which one is best? In addition, the software, of course, will not conflict with cPanel..
  12. S

    better server bandwidth monitoring

    Hi, I would like to have better server bandwidth monitorning, and would like to know what other people use. When I check the bandwidth usage in WHM > Account Information > View Bandwidth usage, I can see the one server has about 2GB total bandwidth usage. Yet, the Cacti graphs that...
  13. S

    Bandwidth monitoring tool

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a opensource bandwidth monitoring tool that can be installed on a gateway and also having a good GUI. Thanks in advance, Sindhu.
  14. B

    Article: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know

    Found this article I though some of you may find useful: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know
  15. E

    Monitoring server load

    Hi. I am getting consistent 2.8 kind of server loads, with all of my 8 CPUs occupied all the time. Is this too high for high traffic websites or should I let it be? What's an "alarm" level of server load? Is there a way to send myself an email when the server reaches a threshold or perhaps...
  16. S

    Monitoring incoming and outgoing bandwidth

    Hi there, Can cpanel monitor incomming and outgoing BW so a limit could be set for incoming and none for outgoing? Regards, James D
  17. G

    A Directory Monitoring Page

    Hi; Here's what i need and i don't want to design it if it has been designed. If you know of a good place to get this, let me know please. It is something I'm looking for sooner then later. It must include the following: A Directory Monitoring Page With Secure Login System Admin: A page...
  18. dolphinuk


    I am a VPS (with cPanel/WHM) in the next few days and want use Hyperspin monitoring for: HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP and MySQL Now the question is how do I monitor MySQL as if I remember from my last VPS, for security reasons I setup MySQL to only allow access via localhost. Now do I just open...
  19. S

    monitoring cpu usage per user

    hi is there any way to monitor cpu usage and memory per user in cPanel?
  20. O

    Bandmin monitoring other ports not only default ports.

    Hello. I'm using whm+cpanel installed on a centos 5 server. I was wondering if bandmin can monitor and display the traffic flowing throuh other ports not just default ones. For example I'm using FMS (Flash Media Server) which is not monitored by bandmin. I have edited in...