1. O

    Bandmin monitoring other ports not only default ports.

    Hello. I'm using whm+cpanel installed on a centos 5 server. I was wondering if bandmin can monitor and display the traffic flowing throuh other ports not just default ones. For example I'm using FMS (Flash Media Server) which is not monitored by bandmin. I have edited in...
  2. D

    Monitoring Ruby Aplication

    Hello, sometimes, the mongrel application dies for any reason. I have one server without cPanel, that we installed mongrel to check the port's application, the pid and run a command if it's down. On cPanel server with ruby on rails, how am I suposs to monitoring the port? and restart it if...
  3. G

    chkservd not monitoring clamd set at chkservd.conf

    Hi We have a problem in one of our servers with chkservd monitoring clamd. We copied the same scripts and have same info in all our boxes and works in all of them except this one. Fist we told chkservd to monitor clamd at /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf inserting this line clamd:1...
  4. S

    Bandwidth Monitoring

    I had a surprise bill from my host yesterday saying that I had exceeded my 1000 Gb p/m allowance. I was surprised because my bandwidth usage in Cpanel suggests that I have never exceeded 500 Gb in a month. After talking to my host they suggested that Cpanel monitoring is not very accurate and...
  5. W

    Munic Addon Vs Prtg for bandwith monitoring

    What think is best solution and why ? :) Thanks
  6. E

    Monitoring hardware raid

    Hi, We have several Dell servers running hardware raid but have no way of knowing if any of the drives fail etc. Are there any scripts that I could use to monitor hardware raid on these servers? I know Dell offers OpenManage Server Administrator software but I am not sure if installing...
  7. C

    IMAP Bandwidth monitoring

    Hi, Is there any way to monitor IMAP traffic per mailbox ? TIA.
  8. student

    php scripts monitoring

    folks, is there any way to check what php scripts are currently executed? Sometimes my apache gets overloaded and I can't figure out which user's script produces such a high load. I've tried with apache's extended status but it shows only requests not particular scripts executed :/...
  9. D

    Remote Server Monitoring for Linux Installations

    I'm looking for a decent provider who can monitor my Linux web servers remotely, in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can anyone advise me which ones are the best to use?
  10. W

    Process Bandwidth Monitoring?

    Well if I check the main server bandwidth monitor, it shows that I am using a vast ammount of bandwidth. When I look in cPanel, it doesn't show that I used that much. I have a client with an unjailed shell running shoutcast, but it only says that account used under a megabyte. Is there anyway I...
  11. V

    Monitoring CPU Minutes

    I have seen several hosts which limit clients to X Amount of CPU Minutes per day. My question is, how the heck do you monitor CPU Minutes per client? I have searched google for a script to automatically monitor it, but it seems like none exist.
  12. F

    Bandwidth monitoring - Urgent help pls guys

    Hi everybody As is it seems that my business, that I build during the past few years with very hard work, are going to close because of very high invoice for bandwidth usage. In South Africa our Telkom company earn about R400 000 per 2500 gb bandwidth while the same amount would cost in...
  13. A

    Bandwidth usage monitoring in WHM

    Hello to All, I am new guy regarding the WHM can someone help me that how can I monitor the bandwidth usage for all clients... and is there any way that I can examine that any domain is going to exceed it's bandwidth limit ?? I appreciate your help in advance... Thank you :) [/SIZE]
  14. T

    chkservd is not monitoring couriers daemons

    Courier is dying sometimes and i have to manually restart it because chkservd couldn't know detect that courier is not working. How can i solve this problem. I checked /etc/chkserv.d/pop and its content is: service[pop]=110,QUIT,.OK,/scripts/restartsrv_cppop contents of...
  15. G

    website monitoring

    Hey guys do you know some site which provides website monitoring that could send you an alert (sms, email, etc) once your site is down?
  16. T

    Is Nagios a good fit for cpanel server monitoring?

    Hi all Does anyone have any experiences to relate with Nagios monitoring software? Is it a good fit with Cpanel? Does it lessen the amount of time you spend in downtime / troubleshooting? (i.e does it give good ROI for the time you spent setting it up?) Comments much appreciated.
  17. H

    Monitoring User CPU/Mysql Usage on Shared Server

    Is there a script that can monitor individual user cpu/mysql load on a shared server and email reports to us on a nightly basis? Or is there a way to restrict each user cpu/mysql usage?
  18. A

    Server monitoring command

    Please let me know server monitoring command. :rolleyes:
  19. S

    User Transfer Monitoring!

    Hi, is there any monitoring software available that will allow the root user to see what the current transfer rates are of users on the server and how much thay are downloading/uploading in kb/s or mb/s? And maybe even what is being downloaded/uploaded? Thanks.
  20. A

    Free monitoring system - which is better ?

    Hi: Free scripts for monitoring services... which is better and WHY ? Big Brother - (free version) Big Sister - NetSaint (Nagios) - Cacti - any ? I have tested all of them... I think the best is BB, because it's...