1. DigiCrime

    Nagios --> Exim Monitoring

    Anyone use Nagios to monitor servers? Im looking for specifically if you can monitor the mail queue :cool: anyone know how?
  2. SubZero

    bandwidth monitoring

    Hi, I know that cPanel/WHM monitors all domains HTTPd, FTPd, SMTPd, POP3d, IMAPd for bandwidth usage. But the domains are set up as to be limited to the HTTPd traffic only. NOW: How do I limit my users to be limited by the TOTAL BandWidth Usage per month?
  3. B

    Problems with Bandwidth Monitoring

    Starting exactly with the month of June, my bandwidth on a dedicated server jumped by over 50 percent. These high figures are reflected in both my dedicated host's monitoring and an installed server mrtg, but NOT reflected in cPanels Bandwidth Usage Charts or in advertiser statistics for the...
  4. B

    Server monitoring question

    Hi just wondering how can i keep an eye on the incomin, outoging traffic on my server, also finding out how many people have connected to what site what siets using up what resorces etc ? So i can find out who is slowing down my server
  5. X

    Monitoring Script - Would you buy this or be interested?

    I have seen many threads on other forums in which people are looking for monitoring scripts that keeps a % uptime on top of monitoring their servers. I have been working with a top coder to build such a script and wanted to get some feedback from everyone on the interest it may bring. Here is...
  6. S

    PGSQL monitoring? what port?

    I want to monitor PGSQL using a remote monitoring script, but i cant for the life of me figure out what port it runs on... I know on some servers its port 5432 but what is it on cpanel? anyone know?
  7. E

    Monitoring Bandwidth On A Specific Port

    Greetings I have radio station running on my box, Now How to monitor the bandwidth used on a specific port so I can monitor shoutcasting bandwidth ?
  8. J

    chkservd autoupdate tonight breaks tomcat monitoring

    Tonight, UPCP has forced a chkservd upgrade and now chkservd keeps restarting tomcat every 9 minutes even though nothing is wrong. Anyone know what changed in the new chkservd update? All the tomcat chkservd file is checking is the http connector port (as defined in the server.xml) for a valid...
  9. A

    Monitoring disk space on webserver!!!

    Hello All, How can I monitor disk space on different partions on different web servers.Is there any tool for monitoring disk space and get alert when some partions are get full?? How do I monitor disk space? Please help!!
  10. Radio_Head

    Nagios / monitoring

    Anyone installed Nagios on cpanel servers ? Does it Work ok ?
  11. P

    su and bandwidth monitoring

    If a user was to run a shell program/script (or I did it for him via 'su'), and that script ran as a system daemon and allowed in/out internet traffic to connect to it on a specific port, would it count properly towards the user's bandwidth quota? If not, how can I set it up so that all...
  12. R

    IP/MySQL bandwidth monitoring

    Hi, All! Can somebody tell me, can I use CPanel or WHM to log traffic by IP? Can I monitor specific user's MySQL traffic (replication traffic, for example)?
  13. X

    Bandwidth Monitoring & Billing

    Hi, I noticed that cPANEL doesn't show INCOMING traffic reports, only 'total' traffic reports. However it uses a 3rd party program called BANDMIN to assess traffic, the demo however didn't include a link to see an example of what BANDMIN does exactly. I live in Australia, in Australia...
  14. S

    bandwidth monitoring all ports?

    hello is there any way i can do one of the following: 1. setup monitoring for bandwidth usage either per-domain or per-ip address, regardless of what port traffic is being used on? or, if not... 2. block traffic on all ports not specificially allowed, and then set up monitoring on...
  15. N

    Addon Domain Monitoring

    Does anyone know if it is possible to monitor latest visitors to addon domains in cpanel 7.4.2-STABLE? I have an addon domain that I want to monitor on the user side but it's either not configured or available. Support Ticket Number:
  16. netwrkr

    Monitoring Bandwidth Usage

    I have a user who is running a custom app that doesn't run on a web port. Is it possible to monitor bandwidth usage with cPanel on an odd port such as 3409? Thanks. Thomas Petersen SecurityMinded Technologies
  17. J

    Monitoring for PostgreSQL status

    Anyone know what the proper commands are for this? #SERVICE = PORT, SEND, RESPONSE, RESTART COMMAND service[PostGreSQL]=5432,GET / HTTP/1.0,EFATAL..,/etc/init.d/postgresql restart Dgbaker posted this awhile back but i cant get it to work. It still red after 10min. How can we monitor...
  18. M

    Bandwidth Monitoring

    Hi, I am considering running CPanel, and have a question on bandwidth monitoring for clients. From what I gather, WHM/CPanel only monitors user trafic for POP3, HTTP, and FTP. This is a problem for me, as several of my users will be running some large mailing lists, as well as IMAP. As...
  19. J

    How Can I Disable Service Monitoring?

    I disabled BIND through the Service Manager in WHM because I'm using an external DNS server and have no reason to keep it running and for some reason I keep getting emails and IMs about every 10 minutes informing me that BIND was attempted to restart. How can I disable it so it will not keep...
  20. A

    Bandwidth monitoring problem

    We created a client a few days ago and have accessed the account multiple times. However, in WHM, it says that no bandwidth has been used. (The bandwidth limit is unlimited for the account). Why doesn't it accurately show how much bandwidth has been used?