1. C

    Pure-ftpd bandwidth monitoring

    Is it a fair assumption the only draw-back to using Pure-ftpd is the lack of bandwidth monitoring? Has anyone developed a fix for this? How do you monitor clients that utilize Pure-ftp to transfer files, etc.? Are there any other concerns/issues before switching from Pro-ftp? Regards.
  2. O

    Monitoring for Chilisoft ASP

    Has anyone setup checksrvd to monitor for Chilisoft services? If so care to share?
  3. casey

    Bandwidth monitoring

    I would like to set a limit for my customers of 2GB of transfer per month, but I don't want their sites to be shut down if they go over. I simply want to charge them for the extra bandwidth. Is there a way to simply have a warning sent to the customer when they exceed 2GB but allow them to...
  4. B

    Port bandwidth monitoring

    What ports do CPanel/WHM watch for calculating bandwidth? Is it possible to add ports? I want to be able to watch ports 8000/ this possible? Thanks!
  5. D

    Bandwidth monitoring

    How accurate is bandwidth monitoring per each client account ? Do you monitor each cllient account by Cpanel or You use some other software. Is it possible to set up some kind of alert for overuse of bandwidth so I can send a warning to my client that it is overusing his limits for bandwidth...
  6. E

    TIP: Monitoring IMAP server (xinetd)

    If you're now running CPanel's IMAP daemon, you may want to ensure that xinetd stays operational. It's fairly simple to add this to the existing chkserv monitoriing... - create a file /etc/chkserv.d/imapd with contents... #SERVICE = PORT, SEND, RESPONSE, RESTART COMMAND...
  7. J

    big brother monitoring

    Has anybody tried to monitor their cpanel server with big brother? I have been using big brother for years and it monitors everything I use. Only it is not properly monitoring the cpanel server. It is reporting a down state on ftp,smtp,pop, and ssh. However, dns, httpd, connectivity, telnet...