1. I

    SOLVED MPM Pre_fork to Worker changes file permissions

    Hello, History: we have Wordpress website that runs on a (newly installed) VPS server, on Apache/2.4.25 (cPanel), CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 virtuozzo – cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 32) and PHP7.0. Issue: While checking which Server MPM would reduce the website load speed, we noticed that when changing...
  2. M

    scoreboard is full with event mpm worker

    I have WHM 62 last update using suphp and mpm worker. I have started to serve some https websites and lately I´m suffering some downtimes reporting scoreboard is full, not at MaxRequestsWorkers I have a 19 RAM VPS with Apache 2.4.25. From Apache bugs, this issue should be fixed in that...
  3. kiti

    Why does MPM prefork faster than any other MPM?

    Hi, I have tried to switch to MPM event. Then, i have done some stress test using ab tool. The MPM event did always better than the default MPM prefork. However, when i visit my websites using a special tool bar to check page load, i can see the MPM prefork is better than any other MPM...