1. chrismfz

    EA4 PHP Options and Modules

    Coming from Cloudlinux PHP Selector, I saw 2 things missing, just wondering if you are going to implement them, or give us the ability to do so. First, is there an option from users to add/remove modules like selector does below ? Someone may need something that might be risky to be enabled...
  2. R


    Hi guys! we have an issue with our whm server. I have install modx site, but is not working and I discover in the error log the following: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/' -...
  3. Hedloff

    MultiPHP or Select PHP version (CL) ?

    Hello, I'm a bit confused on which to use or should both be used? I have read docs from CL here. That will be quite confusing for customers that has two choices. If CL's Select PHP version would work to change for each domain and have a MultiPHP ini editor it would be preferred. But we cannot...
  4. J

    Php-Cli Missing After Migration to EasyApache 4

    I have cron events that run php-cli. However after upgrading to EasyApache 4 the binary is missing. The profile am using shows php-cli is installed for all versions of PHP though?
  5. O

    Manage users php.ini with multi php

    Hi everybody ! I've just update my server to easyapache 4 and multiphp support. Before, I use a plugin for manage user php.ini files (PHP.ini manager). This plugin seem to work like that : Files to be created /usr/local/apache/conf/userdata/std/2_4/USERXYZ/suphp_configpath.conf...
  6. N

    MultiPHP Manager Exception Error

    When changing the value on a user account from inherit to ea-php56 I am receiving the follow cPanel exception: Error: (XID qak5rh) The system failed to apply the“ PHP” version to“”: Cpanel::Exception::IO::FileOpenError / (XID pukb88) The system failed to o pen the file“ / home /...
  7. kawasakai

    EasyApache 4 MultiPHP INI Editor values ignored

    I have just upgraded from EA3 to EA4. When I now try to change some PHP Settings from the customer panel nothing happens. I tried for example to raise the memory_limit in the MultiPHP INI Editor, after that phpinfo still shows the default values. The php.ini file in the customers home location...