1. UHLHosting

    Munin on cPanel 58

    There is a bug with munin in 58, if the munin folder is not present in /home/ the installation will fail. At least it did in my case in 58.03.
  2. V

    munin apache_processes plugin not working

    Hi, It looks like since the last update this munin plugin has stopped working. Here is what I got from /var/log/munin/munin-node.log 2016/05/03-03:43:50 [755966] Error output from apache_processes: 2016/05/03-03:43:50 [755966] "my" variable @PORTS masks earlier declaration in same scope at...
  3. Z

    WHM DNS Only - munin install error

    i am not able to install munin on a vps whm dns only server i get an 404 error when trying to visit munin link can you please help as i want to setup munin dns stats - to see whats going on... heres the install log 2016-02-23 16:11:12 +0100] [2016-02-23 16:11:12 +0100] Problems were...
  4. Z

    Munin - old version - update to newest stable release

    can you please update the nearly 4 year old version of munin to the newest stable release 2.0.25
  5. E

    munin conflicts with cpanel-perl-514-munin-1.4.7-2.cp1150.x86_64

    Hi, I am new to this CPanel and I get the following error when you tried to install the munin plugin. [2016-02-13 22:32:43 -0600] Checking for and running RPM::Versions 'pre' hooks for any RPMs about to be installed [2016-02-13 22:32:43 -0600] All required 'pre' hooks have been run...
  6. S

    Munin - large log files

    Is there a way to clean out munin log files or move munin log files to another partition? Some of the munin logs in /var/log/munin have grown quite large, over 2GB. The /var partition on the server is running low on disk space. Can I just move /var/log/munin to the /home partition or...
  7. benito

    Can't install munin or clamav. No error on screen.

    Hello! I got a new cPanel server today and can't install munin or clamav. On screen its says nothing. Only two lines who says: Done Process Complete There is any way to do those install from shell so i can see any error messages? Thanks
  8. A

    Munin Error Failed to create rundir (/var/run/munin)

    Hello, I install Cpanel and Munin plugin too, every time I update, restart or recompile munin start to send email every 5 minutes with this: Failed to create rundir (/var/run/munin): Permission denied at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/munin-update line 38. So I go in the shell and launch...
  9. L

    Munin plugins

    Hi, is it possible to install additional plugins for munin that aren't already in /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/plugins/ directory?? I've tried to install apacheRequest, is a munin plugin: I've used install instructions from...
  10. M

    Munin install Problem

    Hello : after try to install munin , this process not success due following error : [20150825.203155] cpanel-perl-514-Cache-Cache-1.06-1.cp1146 [20150825.203155] - checking munin user and group [20150825.203156] edquota: Cannot open quotafile /home/quota.user: No such file or directory...
  11. dazeck

    Munin Question

    I've had munin installed and running for a while now, but I'm only just starting to look at the data it churns out. One of the graphs I don't understand is the IO Service Time. I only have 1 disk in my VPS, so why is vda1 and vda2 showing ? Does the graph below look normal ? - Please...
  12. T

    Munin not showing on plugin page

    Hi I have install munin on my cpanel server but i cannot see it on the plugin pages. What could be wrong? i have try to reinstall it but that dont fix my problem.
  13. B

    munin sending a cron mail every 5 mins to /home/munin

    since this morning munin is acting up on my server that is rather new (less then a week old) It sends out a mail (saw it in logs) and when I go to /home/munin/mail..... (there is no user account munin btw) opening a mail in terminal shows me this perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl...
  14. Kent Brockman

    How can I force reinstall Munin

    Hi! Suddenly, Munin stopped recording data and graphs, so I tried the known solution: uninstall it and reinstall it again. But it didnt work. I need some command to force reinstall and download all the needed components in case something have been screwed in the disk. Any help please? Thanks...
  15. B

    Munin mysql2 plugin isn't working

    # /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/plugins/mysql_ suggest Missing dependency Cache::Cache at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/plugins/mysql_ line 716. cpanel-perl-514-Cache-Cache is there, I think it's missing IPC-SharedCache. Please fix that.
  16. W

    Munin mysql_ plugin

    Hi, I'm trying to display additional mysql graphs in munin, using the /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/plugins/mysql_ plugin, but I have the following error: Missing dependency Cache::Cache at /etc/munin/plugins/mysql_table_locks line 716. I've already installed perl-DBI...
  17. Hedloff

    Munin folder after removal

    Hello, We have removed munin from our servers along time ago because it uses alot of resources. But when checking /home/ folder i still see the munin folder with wrong permissions: drwx--x--x 6 32012 csf 4.0K May 27 2013 munin Shouldn't it be removed when it's removed...
  18. B

    Munin stopped working. 11.46 the culprit?

    The Munin plugin is returning blank pages. Both my servers are affected. The pages continue to be generated by Munin with the current date/time. However the last data to be found (if you click on Apache Accesses) is on December 2nd and 3rd. This appears to be when they automatically upgraded...
  19. S

    Munin Resource Usage?

    Hi there, I'm getting a lot of admin emails concerning the following process. Anyone have any ideas that could help? Time: Fri Aug 8 14:45:11 2014 +0000 Account: munin Resource: Virtual Memory Size Exceeded: 201 > 200 (MB) Executable...
  20. luigidelgado

    How to make one cPanel Munin install monitor several other cPanel servers?

    How can I monitor several cPanel servers from one? I read this / but I am still not sure how to do that in cPanel. Anybody has achieved this?