1. A

    munin issue with percona

    Hi, I installed percona as per How to replace MySQL with Percona in 11.36 | cPanel Blog, and after that tried to install Munin plugin. The plugin gave me the below error: [20131215.035602] Warning: Unable to set access on database tables in "munin_innodb" for MySQL InnoDB plugin usage...
  2. grayloon

    Munin APC Plugin

    I can't get APC to show up in WHM when I visit the Munin page. Here's what I've done so far: Download the plugin to my home directory and unzip Move the apc_info.php to /usr/local/apache/htdocs Move the php_apc_ plugin file to /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/munin/plugins Created a symbolic...
  3. C

    Munin RPM fails on upcp

    The same problem for all our cPanel/WHM - (11.38.1 (build 13)) servers, all munin installs is manual, not as cpanel plugin. [email protected] [~]# rpm -q munin munin-2.0.16-1.el6.noarch Every day i get "Cpanel update failure during updatenow". ... [20130717.041905] Testing RPM transaction...
  4. W

    [Case 58611] MUNIN Version 2.X - Why not current version in cPanel?

    Hello, I recently installed MUNIN through WHM > cPanel > Manage Plugins > MUNIN > Install and keep updated. I am on CENTOS 6.4, WHM/cPanel 11.38.1 (build 13). When the install completed, I noticed that version 1.4.7 of MUNIN was installed. I was expecting version 2.0.16. As everyone...
  5. I

    Munin and MariaDB on cPanel

    Hello, I have installed MariaDB on server, and I need to install Munin on server. When I'm trying to install it I'm getting the following error: [20130714.111351] [20130714.111351] Problems were detected with cPanel-provided files which are RPM controlled. [20130714.111351] If you...
  6. F

    Munin location issue

    Hi, Munin as been running on our server with no problems. All of a sudden when trying to view munin we receive: "HTTP error 404 The requested page was not found. Possible reasons why you are seeing this page: A bookmarked URL may have changed since you last visited. The URL was...
  7. H

    How to Find Munin?

    A recent upgrade of cPanel required removing munin and munin-node from the system to allow cPanel's built-in munin to work. This is what I did and munin mostly works—except the MySQL graph. I tried following this guide: Fix for Munin MySQL Monitoring Plugin Graph Not Showing or Blank « My...
  8. J

    Munin installation being overwritten on 11.36

    I build munin-node from source on my servers, as I then get things set up exactly how I want it, and it's a reliable way to have munin-node without the full munin. I've learnt that on 11.36, I need to change target_settings: munin to "unmanaged" in /var/cpanel/rpm.versions.d/local.versions. If...
  9. S

    Installing Munin 2.x

    Is it possible to upgrade to munin 2.x (with dynamic zoom) and still have it work in WHM? Is that supported? Note since my upgrade to 11.36 I get an error in the sql plugin saying: "Note that this is a old plugin which is no longer installed by default. It is retained for compatability with...
  10. W

    Upgrade to to fails on Munin RPM

    3 days in a row now we've been seeing this: 20130131.222935] Downloading [20130131.222935] cpanel-perl-514-Cache-Cache-1.06-1.cp1136.i386.rpm already downloaded [20130131.222935]...
  11. C

    Cannot install Munin

    Hello, I am trying to install Munin on one of my cPanel servers via the Plugins page. I've done this numerous times on countless cPanel servers and never stumbled upon any issues. This time I get the following -non informative- error and munin fails to install. Manage Plugins...
  12. M

    Access Munin outside WHM

    I have installed Munin from WHM and added a couple of servers to it and the graphs are generating. However, I need to access the Munin graphs directly i.e. without logging to WHM.. may be from a sub directory of a domain OR from the default directory of the cPanel server.. Is it possible and how?
  13. E

    How often do munin plugin graphs get updated?

    Hello, Does anyone know how often the graphs in the Munin plugin are updated? Also, is there any way to trigger a manual refresh of the graph data? Thanks.
  14. M

    Munin bandwdith graph for em1 not showing

    Hello, Since the network device naming on Centos 6 is changed from ethX to emX the munin plugin doesn't show em1 bandwidth/traffic usage graph. I have tried to see on configuration files in /etc/munin but can't find any clue on which file/plugin/config which read the bandwidth. Can some...
  15. G

    Munin, suddenly has a high "update" time

    I uploaded a new httpd.conf file last night, changing one medium-traffic parked domain to point to a new account. Since then, everything looks normal under Munin, except for one stat: Munin Processing Time. Before uploading the new httpd.conf, the "munin update" field stayed at around 6.5...
  16. kpmedia

    Munin plugin refuses to install

    I don't quite understand why this is failing... Updating munin.... Fetching (connected:0).......(request attempt 1/12)...Using dns cache file /root/.HttpRequest/
  17. R

    Munin does not appear in plugins

    I have a brand new server with CentOS, latest whm, MySQL, etc, and activated Munin but the link does not show in the plugins menu. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted cpanel and logged out and in (all the obvious things) to no avail. Never had this happen before on other servers. Any...
  18. A

    Munin: You Are Running as Root (No I'm not!)

    Well, ever since I totally screwed up the permissions on the server as root (while trying to fix them :|), Munin seemed to be having problems. I eventually fixed the permissions for just about everything else but Munin still doesn't work. After fixing the permissions for /etc/munin...
  19. X

    Munin install problem....???

    On my new server I trying to install munin but that simple not working, on first try install look normal like on all other servers and at end process complete line, but no munin link at left frame of whm, after waiting some time I try to uninstall it and result is: removed...
  20. L

    Munin and MySQL errors since some weeks ...

    Hello, Today i noticed thjat Munin is not monitoring MySQL since some days on some servers and since some weeks on some other servers ... I searched the logs, and on Google, but found nothing. Here is what i found, if someone have a idea ... : 2011/12/04-17:30:06 [3307] Error output from...