1. J

    Munin Reporting of Individual Domains

    Howdy, cPanel 11.24.4-R33609 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 ~ CENTOS 5.2 i686 on xen Installed Munin from WHM (Main->cPanel->Manage Plugins) with no problem. Have been looking at the server conf & FAQ on the Munin site, but not quite sure how to show the graphs by domain (or at least account)...
  2. H

    munin Eating my VPS

    Hi Last 3 days ago i just checked that there is a Good Plugin in my WHM , Munin so i install it and look like a Good Plugin But i just go infomred that my srver load is too High about 9.0 , 4.5 , 8.6 i open shell and see 3 munin services like munin-graph , munin-node are on top...
  3. R

    munin, please help

    WHM INFO: WHM 11.23.2 cPanel 11.23.4-R26138 CENTOS Enterprise 5.2 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0 Munin not displaying Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./munin/index.html) you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this...
  4. Arvy

    Munin error after install

    Hello, after install Munion, when I click "Munin Service Monitor " I get: ---------------- Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./munin/index.html) you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your webhost...
  5. T

    Munin orphaned in cron

    I have uninstalled munin via WHM. I now get: --------------------- Cron Begin ------------------------ ORPHAN entries: 1 ---------------------- Cron End ------------------------- I get this everyday. I can not see any cron jobs set to run as munin. cd /var/log ; cat cron |...
  6. T

    Is it possible to dump munin raw data?

    I'm curious if it is possible to dump/export munin's data in a tabular or other similar format. I would like to get the memory and other data in a raw numbers format. The rrdtools dump exports it to an XML file, but with no structure and is just intend to reimport back into munin on another...
  7. D

    Munin and Exim stats

    Four weeks ago after upcp, Munin just stopped showing "received" and "completed" stats for exim, it just shows a rejected mails statistics. This stopped working at the same time after that upcp 4 weaks ago, on 5 servers. I just can't find a reason for this. You can see this problem on the...
  8. benito

    Munin shows eth0 errors

    Hello ! What can cause this persistent error on munin ?
  9. M

    Problem with Munin v1.2.4

    Hello The other day I installed the last version of cPanel (v11). Right now I have running the version of 11.1.0 WHM and the version of cPanel 11.4.6.C13580 (Version CURRENT). Then I was decided to install plugin of munin and to the passage of the days, it generates index to me because it...
  10. P

    Munin install

    I try to install the munin using Cpanel addons. the problem seems to be that the files fro i386 are ok: 354265 Apr 28 16:37 munin-Linux-i386.tar.bz2 but i686 are empty: 42 Apr 28 16:37 munin-Linux-i686.tar.bz2
  11. W

    Munin not updating

    When I go to munin service monitor in WHM and look at the '**** by week' yet it only shows up to thursday.. Thursday as you all know is before sunday, therefore can anyone suggest what to do? Thanks, Will
  12. E

    munin plugin howto add ?

    hi people, I installed "munin" from whm => CPanel => plugins and i would like to activate some plugins which are already included in the package but not activated.For example i'd like to have the bind9 plugin.I see all munin plugins are symlinked from "/usr/share/munin/plugins" to...
  13. A_V

    Problem on install munin

    When i'am installing munin, in final process i see this: ..... Starting Munin Node: [ OK ] Warning: Could not open log file "/var/log/munin/munin-graph.log" for writing: Permission deniedWarning: Could not open log file "/var/log/munin/munin-graph.log" for writing: Permission...
  14. U

    Munin plugins

    Hi Munin instaled in system { WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-S119 FreeBSD 6.2-RC1 i386 - WHM X v3.1.0 } And i have linked modules to /usr/local/etc/munin/plugins then edited /usr/local/etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/cpanel.conf. xample Exim run as mailnull and logging as mailnull : --- snip...
  15. A

    How do you Uninstall Munin Service monitor?

    I have added it on via Web Host Manager (WHM) But I dont like it and I wanna uninstall it through WHM.. But I dont know how! Help :confused:
  16. mickalo

    Munin MySQL stats

    Hello, we recently started using he Munin addon, and it works quiet well and a very useful too. But have notice that we're not getting any MySQL stats at all, daily, weekly ...etc.. I assume that it reads from various log files or some sort?? Or where is it getting the data for the MySQL...
  17. P

    Tuning Munin

    Ik like the monitoring of Munin on my server. How and where can I tune Munin, so I can change e.g. the threshold for a coming full harddisk, a high serverload etc.
  18. A

    Munin Not updating

    Hi, I've had munin in WHM since monday, but my graphs still only have one result on them- they havn't updated since installed. I've cleared the cache and still no joy.
  19. G

    Munin not found after install

    Hi Just try new addon MUNIN, works fine all our boxes except one. This was called from WHM menu. Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./munin/index.html) you requested Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your...
  20. T

    Munin server monitor?

    New to Addons What is it and how do you use it? Anyone tried it yet? I installed in on one server and all I get is an error when I clcik the link in WHM. Found a few links in google on it but not sure what WHM is doing with it or how it is supposed to be installed etc...