mx records

  1. davetanguay

    Checking Domains That Have Remote MX Records

    Is there a way I can see which domains on the server are not using the server for email and using a remote mailserver instead? Basically I need to check to see which domains are using a remote MX Record. Is there some sort of scan or script I can use to do this? I know within WHMCS there is...
  2. S

    Custom MX records and Live Transfer

    If a customer's hosted account uses custom MX records (i.e. pointing to some external mail server) and we use the Live Transfer process to move their account to a new server (cPanel to cPanel), will the transfer process keep their custom MX records as they were on the old server, or will it...
  3. M

    Exim localdomains contradicts MX records

    When a domain i transferred to cpanel, typically first step is that a new user and the domain is configured in cpanel. Then a welcome message with account information is sent by email to the new user. If the user has registered a contact email address belonging to the domain that is about to be...
  4. M

    If server has more as 1 IP, can MX records of a domain point to hostnames linked to these different IP's ?

    Hello, if a server has different failover IP's is it then possible to point the MX records to these different IP (via the to these IP linked hostnames and reverses) My question is more if exim will be able to accept that incomming trafic, or if it will only listen to the server-IP, The question...
  5. C

    Updating Custom Nameservers with MX Records

    Our client has a domain with custom nameservers pointing to another hosting company that's not us. We have migrated the site to our cPanel. The client uses RackSpace mail. I retrieved the MX records from MXToolbox and added them to our client's cPanel on our server. I also went into WHM and...
  6. A

    MX records do not show up in Filter: All

    MX records do not show up for "Filter: All" but they do show up for "Filter: MX"
  7. M

    Changing MX record for Sendgrid?

    Hi, I have added MX record in the DNS field. After that I used MX record in Sendgrid inbound parse section. But it is not working. Can you please help me guys to solve the issue. Any update here
  8. S

    Mx Records are not updated

    hi there, i am trying to change my email setting from last 12 hours from gsuites i copied the required mx files and uploaded to the respective zone editor section. but while trying to verify from gsuites it is continuously failed to verify. what could the probable reason and how to sort this...
  9. B

    Mail routing and MX records

    Hi, We've noticed that "Mail routing" remains "local" even though users have changed the MX records to point to external servers and no longer to the server itself. Ain't it an idea to automatically change "Mail routing" to "external" when the MX records are being changed to point to external...
  10. 4

    Zone Editor restricted to MX records?

    I wonder if anyone would be able to suggest why the Zone editor in cpanel might only allow the end user to edit and create MX records. On this server, they are unable to do anything else. I didn't know there was a way to restrict this and we may have done something accidentally, but I'm not...
  11. rinkleton

    MX records don't transfer with WHM API transfer

    When I do a transfer with account password through WHM, everything works as expected, but when I used the API to do the same thing (not root transfer), the MX records don't transfer. create_remote_user_transfer_session unrestricted_restore = 1 enqueue_transfer_item module = AccountRemoteUser...
  12. R

    MX records for sub-domains

    Trying to follow up from an old thread that I couldn't reply to. Edit DNS Zone Subdomain MX Records I'm having a very strange problem with an client and it seems to have something to do with this. They have their root domain of "" They created a sub-domian of ""...
  13. D

    Problem with MX records

    Hello, I have the following problem, when I check my site at I get these error messages. I am not sure what I have to change in the WHM? MX CNAME Check WARNING: CNAME was returned for the following MX records: The CNAME(s) that were returned are listed above...
  14. W

    Strange issue with MX records in CPanel.

    I pointed a domain from one host to another (both cpanel), and since their email was hosted elsewhere, I copied the MX records... Very quickly, I found out that all email to this domain was being rejected, so I pointed the domain back, and everything is fine now. When I look in CPanel, I see...
  15. L

    Issues with resolving A and MX records for Domain hosted on my WHM server

    Hi Everyone, I am posting here because I am having issues with A and MX records being resolved on my server. I have a Virtual Private Server with an ISP in Australia that has the main server IP I created private name servers following a guide I found on the Internet...
  16. W

    MX Records

    I have configured my MX records to point to my exchange server and it is working fine, however I have a single email address on the same domain that is not setup on exchange and must remain as a standard POP email. I have tried several times to get this setup to work but I either get only the...
  17. D

    New Exchange Server - A & MX Records

    Hi all, First time using cpanel so apologies for the basic question. I have installed a new sbs server that will be hosting my clients email. Server is installed but we are currently not able to send or receive any emails. I just wanted to confirm my settings in cpanel. For a record i...
  18. B

    Mass change MX records?

    Hello, Can anyone point me towards a script or some other method to reliably update all domains on my server to a new MX record? I tried searching, but "mx" is too short and makes it pointless. Thanks!
  19. N

    mx records

    it seems when you add a domain by default whm has the dns zone as mail cname mx 0 isnt this wrong? shouldnt it be mx 0 A ????
  20. K

    New Account MX records

    In a previous Version of WHM/Cpanel - when I created a new account it would automatically set the MX record to MAIL.DOMAIN.COM Now when I create an account it sets the MX record to: DOMAIN.COM. Pardon the newb question but how do I reverse this/modify this so that it automatically sets the...